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IELTS Writing Education 7 (band 9)

Topic: Schools are no longer necessary because children can get so much information available

through the Internet, and they can study just as well at home.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Sample answer

Since there is a wealth of information available on the Internet, students can study by themselves at home just as effectively as they do at school; and therefore some people believe that schools are not needed anymore. In my view, much as I agree that students can study well at home with the help of the Internet, I feel that schools play a vital role in our society and cannot be replaced no matter what.

There are ways for children to learn from the Internet, most of which are either free or affordable for almost everyone. One great way is from online newspapers and video websites such as National Geographic and Youtube, which offers a variety of topic areas suitable for people of different ages. Children can learn a great deal of knowledge about culture, science, and many other areas which they are taught at schools. Also, they can participate in online courses favored by a growing number of youths nowadays. This type learning is even more advantageous in the sense that children can flexibly choose to study whatever subjects they are interested in.

That being said, my conviction is that formal education is irreplaceable in any society. It is true that students can acquire knowledge at home very easily with the help of the Internet; however, lack of teachers’ guidance and peer support is a clear disadvantage to this form of learning. These factors are extremely important to a child’s intellectual development, which emphasizes the necessity of school environments. Furthermore, knowledge and skills are not the only things to expect from formal education but social relationships and mental development. Children who go to school and establish friendships can both have fun and improve their learning outcomes.

In conclusion, the Internet is a good way for young children to study at home, but I think that claiming schools are irrelevant to children’s learning because of this is merely absurd.


Vocabulary highlights:

  •  A wealth of information
  •  Online newspapers and video websites
  •  A great deal of knowledge
  •  Flexibly choose to study whatever subjects they are interested in
  •  Acquire knowledge
  •  Lack of teachers’ guidance and peer support
  •  A child’s intellectual development
  •  Formal education
  • Social relationships and mental development
  • Establish friendships
  • Improve their learning outcomes
  • .Irrelevant to children’s learning

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