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IELTS Writing Task 2 – Marriage Age

Today, most people get married and give birth in their thirties rather than when they are younger.

Is this a positive or negative development?

Sample Answer : Band 8+

Delaying marriage to one’s thirties has become commonplace these days. While this trend can be seen in a positive light in some regards, I consider it is largely a change for the worse.

Admittedly, delayed marriage can have some positive implications for both individuals and society. On an individual level, postponing marriage affords people time to build financial security. When financially secure, people have the means to cater to the needs of their family and future children. Apart from paying for daily expenses, they are more able to afford better healthcare and education for their children. In this sense, people are less likely to suffer financially if they start a family in their thirties. From a social standpoint, delayed marriages could diminish divorce rate. This is because most people become emotionally mature and tolerant as they grow older, so they are less prone to marital conflicts and divorce.

I, however, believe starting a family in one’s thirties is generally a negative trend. The main consequence of this trend would be unfavorable demographic changes such as falling birth rates. This is simply because couples tend to have a lower chance of having children in their older ages, which could result in a major decline in a country’s population. Germany and Japan are some countries where declining birth rates and population crisis can be partly linked to delayed marriage. If this trend persists, it can eventually lead to labor crisis, which could hinder economic growth. Another downside is lack of care in old age. When people start a family and have children in their thirties, they will not have adult children to care for them in their old ages. As a result, they will have to continue working past the retirement age.

In conclusion, even though getting married and having children in one’s thirties can somewhat be favorable, I am convinced that it is generally a negative trend as it can mean falling birth rates and challenges in retirement for old people.

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