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IELTS Writing Task 2: Sample #61

People attend colleges or universities for many different reasons (for example: new  experiences, career preparation, increased knowledge etc.).
Why do you think people attend colleges or universities? 
You should give reasons for your answer using your own ideas and experience. 

College education is a highly revered benchmark around the world. In many countries, without a college level degree, a citizen is not considered eligible for state jobs. People attend colleges for many reasons but career preparation is the most important goal among them. 

Most students enroll in colleges for bright career prospects and they study professional and job oriented courses. If achieved successfully with threshold scores, these courses increase industrial employability of learners by training them with the skills industries need. For example, many companies organize direct campus selection programs in colleges, offering professional courses, to hire ready to utilize resources with rewarding salary packages. To add to this, in many cases, based on education, employees get different remuneration for the exact same job, and college education degrees play pivotal roles in accelerating promotion processes too. 

On the other hand, in addition to scintillating future career opportunities, university education also offers many new experiences. These experiences include migration to new countries, befriending new people, working while studying, and, most importantly, learning to adjust with people. If we take a look at foreign students’  data across Europe, it is eminent that around 20 % students in Universities are from Asian countries. These experiences burgeon adaptability skills to pursuers and help in turning future paradigm citizens. 

Some people also attend higher university courses to enhance knowledge. Students under this section mostly pursue challenging master and doctorate degrees in their fields. Most of these learners turn researchers and help the progress of the world. Some governments offer enticing whooping packages to the best minds to convince latter to select this study stream. 

Finally, considering all reasons to attend colleges or universities, it is clear that the paramount reason is career growth. However, ‘gaining new experiences’ and ‘enhancing knowledge’ are also prodigious reasons. 

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