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IELTS Writing Task 2: Topic Family

Recent Actual Test 02/2023

People in many countries spend more and more time far away from their families.

Why does this happen and what effects will it have on them and their families?

Type: Cause and Effect

Sample Answer 7.5

An increased number of people are living at a distance from their families, sometimes halfway around the world, as a result of modernity. This certainly leads to significant changes for both the people who leave home and their loved ones.

The modern world, with its ample means of transportation, has made it easier than ever before for people seeking job and education opportunities abroad. A direct result of this is the growing number of migrants, permanent or temporary, usually from a less developed country to a more developed one.

Modernity also accounts for the pursuit of an autonomous lifestyle among the youth. A recent survey has shown that during the traditional Lunar New Year’s celebration in 2023, many young Koreans who moved to Seoul for college or work decided to remain in the city instead of returning home. The majority of them explained that they felt more comfortable celebrating the occasion alone.

This phenomenon can bring about both pros and cons. As for those who live distantly from their families, being open to life-changing doors is perhaps the most major gain. Meanwhile, their families could more or less benefit from the reduction in living costs; some could even receive financial support from their child or spouse. However, lacking connection is probably the biggest loss for both. Not seeing their family members around for a long time could produce serious consequences, from loneliness to depression.

In conclusion, living away from one’s family is a choice made by those who hope to build their career or obtain their degree overseas and also by youngsters who wish to live independently of their parents. The outcomes of this trend involve positive ones, such as new opportunities and financial benefits, and negative ones, such as disconnection.

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Highlight Vocabulary

  1. Modernity [n]: the quality or condition of being modern.
  2. Ample [adj]: enough or more than enough.
  3. Seek (something) [v]: to look for something/somebody (tìm kiếm). 
  4. Migrant [n]: a person who moves from one place to another in order to find work or better living conditions .
  5. Account for something [v]: to explain the reason for something
  6. Pursuit [n]: the act of looking for or trying to get something.

→ The pursuit of something

  1. Autonomous [adj]: (of a person) able to do things and make decisions without help from anyone else.
  2. Bring about something [phrasal verb]: to make something happen.
  3. Life-changing [adj]: having such a big effect that it changes somebody’s life.
  4. Gain [n]: an advantage or improvement
  5. Loss [n]: the state of no longer having something or as much of something; the process that leads to this.
  6. Spouse [n]: a husband or wife
  7. Consequence [n]: a result of something that has happened, especially an unpleasant result
  8. Overseas [adv]: to or in a foreign country, especially those separated from your country by the sea or ocean
  9. Outcome [n]: the result or effect of an action or event

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