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IELTS Writing Task 2: Topic Money

Writing Task 2: Topic Money

Some people believe that nowadays too much money is being spent on weddings and birthdays.
Why do you think it is happening?
What can be done to improve the situation?

Sample Answer

Cases of extravagance is quite common at wedding and birthday parties these days. There are some clear reasons why this is the case, and the situation can be changed for the better in a couple of ways.

Reasons why people spend an excessive amount of money on celebrations such as weddings and birthdays vary. The most obvious one is to make a wealth statement. By hosting a lavish party for friends and family in celebration of their birthday or marriage, people often try to create the impression that they can afford luxuries other people cannot. In a way, this particular display of wealth at parties helps people assert their rank in social hierarchy. Better economic conditions is another significant factor. More and more families nowadays earn a good living thanks to the thriving economy, which affords them luxury parties. Unless they had a stable source of income, rarely would people overextend themselves on wedding and birthday celebrations.

There are a few ways the trend of overspending at weddings and birthdays can be improved. One measure would be imposing sensible and sensitive restrictions, one example of which is setting guest limits. This can be done in a tactful manner by limiting the number of seats available at restaurants and cafes. This way, government could indirectly curb excessive spending on celebration of special occasions. Furthermore, social campaigns stressing the importance of frugality and thriftiness should be broadcast on TV and the Internet. Having done that, government can cultivate a culture where extravagance is frowned upon and wise spending practices are socially acceptable.

In conclusion, growing tendency towards unnecessary spending at weddings and birthdays are primarily a result of expression of personal wealth and improved economic conditions, and in my view, government’s role in countering this situation is crucial.

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