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IELTS Writing Task 2 – Wasting Food

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. 

Write about the following topic:

Nowadays people waste a lot of food that was bought from shops and restaurants.

Why do you think people waste food?

What can be done to reduce the amount of food they throw away?

Model Answer

It has become common to see people throw away some of their groceries and food that they purchase at restaurants. This tendency can be explained in several ways, and there are two practical measures that can be taken to discourage this habit.

The primary reason why food wastage has become commonplace is the abundance of food. While in the past food was available in limited amounts and people in some parts of the world even suffered starvation due to food shortage, today food is produced on an industrial scale with the help of modern farming practices such as GM food. This has led to a drop in the cost of food and made food more available and affordable than ever, giving rise to wasteful behavior. To address this issue, the government should raise public awareness. This can be done through various social media platforms where people can be alerted to the repercussions of food wastage such as food shortage and a resultant hike in food prices. This measure would encourage people to be more mindful of their purchasing habits.

Impulsive buying is one other underlying cause of our modern food throwaway culture. People are tempted to over-purchase food when they are exposed to a constant stream of advertisements on food on social media and TV. Having watched a food commercial displaying savory snacks in an appetizing light, people cannot help buying large quantities of snacks only to discard most of it later. In order to curb this reckless behavior, advertising on food should be restricted: less exposure to food advertising helps curtail impulsive spending on food. When people buy food in moderation, they are less likely to waste it.

In conclusion, while the main causes of food wastage are the instant availability of food and impulsive spending habits triggered by food commercials, this problem can be alleviated with the help of social media campaigns cautioning against the dangers of wasting food and by a partial ban on food advertising.

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