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When learning IELTS Speaking, it is impossible to ignore the book Mat Clark IELTS Speaking. This is one of the books that will help you increase your Band Speaking most effectively. So what’s so special about the book? Join Prep to review the book’s content, how to study effectively with books. Especially at the end of the Prep article, there is a free pdf download link for you to make your own documents.

About the book Mat Clark IELTS Speaking

  1. General information
    The book Mat Clark IELTS Speaking gives you an overview of IELTS Speaking and explains in detail the importance of cultural differences in spoken language. The author also shows how the use of wet words leads to difficulties in learning English.

Book name: IELTS Speaking by Mat Clark
Author: Matt Clark
English language
Practice skills: Speaking

  1. The audience of the book
    The book is for those who are preparing for the IELTS exam with a Speaking band goal of 6.5 or higher. Therefore, you should study when you have a solid English foundation and understand the structure of the IELTS Speaking test. In addition, the book provides rich academic English. Suitable for those who intend to use academic English in the future.
Content Mat Clark IELTS Speaking

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