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[PDF] Combo Reading Comprehension Skills and Strategies

This is a very good set of materials, it will help children improve their reading skills very quickly but it is quite easy to use for learning. Hopefully with this document it will help you to study IELTS in a better way!

Introducing Reading Comprehension Skills and Strategies

The book series is divided into levels from 3-8, helping you choose the band score that is right for you. Whether you are starting out or want to increase your score in Reading, you should refer to these books.

In this book, you will be meticulously guided on how to read – understand, analyze the reading passages in terms of vocabulary and grammar so that you gradually strengthen your reading skills.

In the level 3 book, the lesson is simple from small sentences, small words, then practice passages. Continuing to a higher level, the additional lessons are more difficult and longer. From there, it is easy for you to remember vocabulary, grammatical sentence form by learning in detail according to each category.

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