Recent IELTS Exam

Recent IELTS exam questions 3 December 2018

Candidate got following recent IELTS exam questions on 3 December 2018

Speaking Part 1 

Study / Work
Do you study or work?
Where do you work?
Do you like your work?
Would like to change something in your work?
You favourite color
When you were I child, you used to like bright colors?
What color would you paint your room?
Do you think the color of the car represent the personality of the owner?

Speaking Part 2 (Cue Card)

One time you received money as a gift
-who gave to you
-how do you feel
-What did you buy

Model Answer:

Well, I’ve received numerous gifts on various occasions since childhood. These gifts range from a football to a smartphone. Last year, for the first time, I received money as a gift from my parents on the occasion of my twentieth birthday.

My dad was not sure about which gift I will prefer and he convinced my mom that they should gift me some money that I can use as per my wish. I think this was a perfect rationale as I used this money to throw a party for my friends. Before this gift, I didn’t have sufficient money to party with my friends. While I was planning to party at home to reduce the expenses, they were insisting on going to the Barbecue Nation, a famous restaurant. Well, this money enabled me to take my friends to this restaurant and we enjoyed numerous Italian, Chinese, and Indian dishes.

I was really grateful to my parents for giving money as a gift. It helped me to enjoy with my friends and turn the party into a memorable experience. If they had gifted me a product such as a mobile phone, I would not have been able to spend quality time with my friends.


Speaking Part 3

What do you think about giving money for children in exchange of helping cleaning the house?
It’s common give money for children?
When children starts to understand the importance of money?
Do you prefer paper money or credit card?
What’s the disadvantages of credit cards?