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Recent IELTS exam questions 8 January 2019

Candidate got following recent IELTS exam questions on 8 January 2019

1. Speaking Part 1

– What is your full name
– Do your work or study?
– Do you like your work?
– What would you do if you did improvements at your workplace?
– How is your work environment?
– How often do you go to office?by bus or private vehicle?
– Have you used any other transportation ?
– in college or school how did you go?

2. Speaking Part 2 (Cue Card)

Describe a subject you didn’t like before but have an interest in now.

You should say:

  • what subject it was
  • when you studied the subject
  • why you didn’t like it before

and explain why you have an interest in it now.

Model Answer:

Accounting is the subject that I find very interesting these days though I did not like it when I had to study it at my university level. I have finished my graduation in Computer Science major and we had Accounting part 1 and part 2 in our second year; 5th and 6th semesters. Thought Accounting was an important subject for us, I had very little interest in it. This was possibly because of my misconception that it is only important for Commerce and Business Studies students. I studied accounting subject only to pass my course and also missed few classes. Thus I failed to enter into the interesting world of accounting and that’s why disliked this subject.

Science had always been major and I was never introduced to the accounting subject in my pre-university level. The teacher who took our accounting classes did not introduce us to the basic concept of accounting. Moreover, he went through chapters so quickly that I missed it completely. As a result, when the teacher explained the advanced concepts of accounting, I was completely lost. For all these reasons I was weak in accounting and this formed the disliking in me until the very recent time.

Well, the reason I like accounting these days is quite interesting. After I started working as a Software Engineer in a multinational company, I worked on various projects. A year ago I was assigned to a project that required me to develop an accounting software for an Australian company. Ironically I had to study many accounting books and tutorials to understand how I should implement the concepts and calculation in this software. I also attended few training sessions organised by our office related to accounting and banking concepts. Once I understood the basic and interesting part of this subject, I actually started enjoying it a lot. The project took around 8 months to be delivered to the client and I was kind of forced to study and discuss a lot of accounting concepts during this period. Once I started understanding the fundamental concepts and its application in the real world, this subject became one of my favourite subjects.

3. Speaking Part 3

-Effect of television. Advantages and disadvantages
-Who is responsible for good study and interesting subject,parents or teachers? how?
– Is it good to use computer for school students? Why?
– How technology helps to get information?
-How technology changed compare to few years back?
-Getting information from internet and getting information from old age people,which one is best?

Special thanks to Deepika for providing us with these questions after the exam.

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