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Talk about a musical instrument you would like to be able to play

You should say:

  • What musical instrument it is
  • What it looks like
  • What it sounds like

and explain why you would like to be able to play it.

Model Answer 1:

I love music and prefer the heavy metal genre. Thereby, I am accustomed to the electric guitar and would like to be able to play it someday.

There is a wide range of guitars are available and the history of guitar dates back to the 12th century. It was introduced as a musical instrument in Europe, then. Afterwards, guitars underwent lots of modification. An electric guitar is a modern invention and used to play different base tones with amplification. Basically, the electric guitars could be of different size and shape, but the common electric guitars are found with bodies like hollow, semi-hollow or solid. I prefer the solid body for it is a bit heavier than the hollow body guitars. The sound is amplified with a radio transmitter or pitch cable and in some cases, the sounds could also be modified for the electric guitar. When played, the electric guitar is able to create an intolerable sound as well for the modern amplification system.

The electric guitars have a majestic look with different parts of it. The parts include the headstock, nut, tuning pegs, frets, inlays, truss rod, neck joint, strings, saddle, fretboard, body, pickups, pots, bridge, pickguard, sound board, sound hole, sides, back part etc. With the combination of all these components, a guitar usually looks different from the other musical instrument. They usually look slim and sophisticated with the sleek design. But the guitars look different with their solid body design when they are played and the solid body design become famous after the Second World War. Different sorts of strings are used in electric guitars like lighter string or heavier strings etc. With the lighter strings, the guitar looks dissimilar and sometimes appears that there are no strings at all when you look at the guitar from a distance while the heavier strings look good with the trimmed guitar body.

Well, the tones and sounds of electric guitar are different from the other guitars, especially from the acoustic guitars. The sounds may appear harsh in the beginning if it is not followed by any tone. When the electric guitar is in full fledge the tones are highly enjoying and without its presence, it appears that the music is incomplete then. The sounds are sometimes higher and lower and mostly depend on the strokes on the strings by the guitarist. If you tap slightly on the strings, the sound will be lower while if you raise the volume level, the minor tape will be heard like an explosion as well.

I along with four of my friends have planned to form a heavy metal band. We are also planning to compose and sing songs initially on a small scale and then we will try to grow our band. I am assigned with the duties of bass guitarists and thus I have to learn to play the guitar, particularly the electric guitar. Electric guitars help to raise the musical beauty. The heavy tone brings a sense of thrill among the audience and the performers on the stage.

Model Answer 2:

Soft music is my best preference. Piano attracts me most. But unluckily I am unable to play it. So, I dream to play the piano someday.

The piano is a stringed musical tool. The exact date of invention of this musical device is unknown. It is made with woods, strings and keyboards. There is a lid before the strings to amplify the sound. The tunes it creates are charming. There are various types of pianos and it requires a special set of skills to play it. The tone is produced when the pianist strikes the keyboard and the keys strike the strings. So, the pianist needs to know about the basics of playing the piano before starting to play it.

There are different types of pianos are available. Among them, grand piano, electric or digital piano etc. are notable. Usually, a piano is made with wood. The metal strings, that produce the sounds, is located inside the wooden case. The strings are attached to a heavy metal frame so that they can produce the right type of tone. A padded hammer is attached to the keyboard. When the pianist strikes the keys, the padded keys strike on the strings and the sound is produced. In fact, the vibration is created, within a frequency, with the strings when they get the stroke. When the key is released, the vibration is stopped.

The sound of a piano is very lucid. A pianist mostly creates the sounds after the notes he gets before him. According to the notes, he presses the keys and the sweet melodies are produced. In fact, if some presses the keyboard, there will be sound from the piano but if you want melodies, you are to follow the notes. Each of the pianists has their different styles to play the keyboard but when they follow the notes, the melodies will remain the same. Actually, piano produces a heavenly tune. The tone is heavy and sweet. It appears that the listeners are also feeling the vibration of the music in line with the vibration of the strings.

I would like to be able to play it for many reasons. Firstly, I watched a movie named ‘The Pianist’ and it had a great influence on my mind to learn to play the instrument. Besides, the tone that is generated by the keystrokes has a different appeal to me. I have listened to some of my favourite songs in piano and the feelings were outstanding. The tones are soft but enabled to bring a sense of comfort to the listeners. Some of the best songs are in piano and they make me feel really good. So, I would like to be able to play piano and hope will learn it soon.

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