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Talk about your dream job – Doctor

Talk about your dream job – Doctor

You should say:
– What it is?
– What it is like?
– What qualification you need for this job?
And explain why you think it is perfect

  • What: physician, work in public hospitals
  • What it’s like: prescribe medicine, diagnose a disease
  • What qualifications: graduate from medical school, have a demonstrated ability for carry out experiments and surgeries
  • Why: help patients recover from illness, improve citizens’ health, thriving healthcare industry, moral codes


physician             prescribe medicine            diagnose a disease

bachelor’s degree              carry out surgeries             recover, improve health

Sample Answer

I will talk about my dream job, becoming a physician. Currently, I’m a senior at a prominent medical school located in HCM City. I’m about to graduate in the next 3 years. To tell you what has inspired me to become a doctor, my father used to suffer from a severe heart attack back 10 years ago. My mom and relatives dedicated her time and money to find an excellent doctor who could help my dad recover from such a fatal disease. Thanks to the doctor’s expertise and dedication, my dad no longer has any symptoms of a heart attack, and now he’s living an ordinary life.

Being a physician is not a mundane job. A good doctor needs to be good at prescribing medicines and diagnosing diseases for patients. Otherwise, patients’ symptoms might get worse if not treated properly. A patient suffering from a head trauma, for example, should be given different medications compared to those suffering from a stomach ache. Besides that, good physicians should convince patients to take medications on a regular basis to reach the best effects.

A bachelor’s degree in medication is required to become a good doctor. This shows that the doctor has a demonstrated ability for carrying out medical experiments and surgeries. It takes years, even a whole life, to master such skills, but I believe that it’s worth it.

As I told you earlier, I want to become a doctor as the person who saved my father’s life. I desire to make significant contributions to the thriving of our national healthcare industry by helping patients recover from their illnesses. For me, a disease-free life is worth living, and people can have time to enjoy their sole and precious lives.

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