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Talk about your last weekend

“Talk about your last weekend” belongs to the topic group “Describe a experience” which is a common topic in Part 2 IELTS Speaking. Here is sample answer speaking part 2 and follow questions part 3.


Talk about your last weekend

You should say:

  • What you did during the weekend
  • Who you were with
  • Why it was memorable
  • How it made you feel

Sample Answer

I would be happy to talk about my amazing experience from last weekend.

I had the opportunity to take part in a weekend yoga and meditation retreat last week, and it was an amazing experience. Along with a few close friends, I attended this retreat since we were both interested in mindfulness and holistic well-being. The event took place over the weekend at a tranquil mountain retreat center surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

We participated in a range of yoga classes over the course of the weekend, taught by knowledgeable teachers who placed equal emphasis on physical poses and mental calm. We also engaged in early morning and evening meditation, which helped us achieve inner calm and a close connection with ourselves.

Along with the tranquil surroundings and restorative activities, last weekend was especially memorable because of the strong sense of friendship and camaraderie I experienced with my companions. During breaks, we exchanged ideas, goals, and life stories, forging a meaningful and uplifting connection. It was breathtaking to see the sun rise over the mountains while we meditated in the mornings and to share large, satisfying meals.

I had a deep sense of inner peace and clarity after the encounter. My physical and mental well-being were restored, and I had a greater appreciation for the value of mindfulness in our hectic life. The weekend served as a reminder of how important it is to prioritize self-care and lead a balanced lifestyle.

All in all, this special weekend gave me a calm diversion from the everyday grind, enabled me to cultivate meaningful friendships, and elevated my awareness of myself. I will always cherish the experience as it was so enriching.

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