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Two-way discussion: Doing new things

•  Why do you think some people like doing new things?

Well, I think you will agree with me on this point that humans are curious by nature. So, they are always busy in inventing newer things. But the inventions are not always meant for the use rather they are the result of the deep curiosity. When people turn more curious, they try to explore their surroundings and perform newer experiments. When the inventions become useful in some cases, they become happy and keep their activities of doing new things on. Besides, most of the people do new things to meet their thirst for the unknown and the unseen. They usually do new things when they are in a new environment. But there are some other people as well who are reluctant to do new things and it has been found that they are introvert in nature. Further, it is often fun for the people to do new things and I think most of the people do new experiments only for enjoyment.

•  What problems can people have when they try new activities for the first time?

Right you are. There might be several problems when people performing newer things for the very first time. I think it may happen that the entire task may get disturbed seriously. Or the performers may injure themselves. It is quite natural that there would be some mess for anything if that is done for the first time. I have also experienced that the entire project was destroyed for the novices. The first thing the novices may experience is the adjustment with the thing. For instance, if you want to drive or ride a motorbike, initially you might experience some maladjustment with the motorbike riding. If you make some minor accidents and break some of the parts of the motorbike that will be appreciated as well as you are riding for the very first time. But, after a few days, when you will be comfortable with the riding and driving, there would be no such minor accidents. Thereby, I think the adjustment is a big issue in the case of first time.

•  Do you think it’s best to do new things on your own or with other people? Why?

If you want my personal opinion, in this case, I would rather prefer to be in a team instead of making a solo attempt. I think it is best to be in a team in such cases. When you are trying something new, you might have no idea about the thing and there are chances to make mistakes. But if you work with other people, it may happen that someone among the other members is aware of the issue or have some sort of knowledge that may prove helpful. Besides, when you are working alone and if you fail, the entire responsibilities are on you. But if you are in a team or in a group of people, you are not to be blamed alone. Consequently, you won’t be ashamed of the activity. So, I think this is best to work with people.
•  What kinds of things do children learn to do when they are very young? How important are these things?

When the children are young, they mostly learn about the reactions of their surroundings as they see those reactions performed by their parents and family members. If the family is educated and well mannered, the children will learn some amicable behaviours and they will start exercising those with others. But if the children belong to families where there is no peace at all, they will be influenced by negativity. Negative attitudes will influence them and they will apply the ways in their regular life. This is a crucial issue for the children and helps them to grow socially. When they will learn some of the best social practices from their family, they will apply the practices in their surrounding and finally, they will have some good friends and well reputation. On the other hand, if the initial learning is below standard, it is expected that the children will be out of the track and will grow up without the sense of morality.

•  Do you think children and adults learn to do new things in the same way? How is their learning style different?

Well, the question is a bit grave. The learning style for the adults and the children is almost the same. But there are some basic differences. When the adults learn something new, they usually hide their emotions while the kids cannot hide the emotions and thus they are seen cheerful when they learn new things. There are no notable changes have been found so far regarding the learning style of the adult and the children. Both of them are seen curious in learning and try to be as much attentive as possible for them. Besides, both the learners try to exercise what they have learnt and spend a part of the day to have the practice. So, it is proven that the kids and adults learn new things in almost the same way.

•  Some people say that it is more important to be able to learn new things now than it was in the past. Do you agree or disagree with that? Why?

Yes, I agree with the statement as there are different changes found in the current days. Many of the past things and issues have been changed greatly. So, it is highly important for all to learn about the new things or they will fail to move forward. This is the age of science, technology and newer inventions. Each of the inventions is applicable in human life and been invented to make the life easier than the past days. So, if people remain unaware of the new things or the inventions, it will be detrimental to them in the long run. They will lag behind in the race and their advancement will get a sudden blow as well. Thereby, capacities should be increased to learn about new things and this is important for all, indeed.

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