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Writing Task 1: A beachfront area in Australia in 1950 and today

The maps below show a beachfront area in Australia in 1950 and today

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make a comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

Sample Answer

The pictures show the layout of a beachfront in 1950 and that of it today.

In 1950, the beachfront had only some facilities for public disposal. There was a road running from the top left corner to the right to the only car park in the area. On the right flank of the road, a playground for children, dining tables and a pavilion were found. In addition, a lighthouse on the bottom right with two 25m pools (one next to it and the other to its opposite left) were also features of the map.

However, there have been immense changes to the layout of this place. The most noticeable development has been the extension of the road, resembling an L-shape, to the lighthouse. Although the original car park, the dining tables and the pavilion have been retained, the playground has been supplanted by a brand new car park. Moreover, a new surf club has been erected between the lighthouse and the pool in its proximity, while the other pool has been doubled in size. To the left-hand side of this new pool, another surf club and a new restaurant have also been constructed.

Generally speaking, the coastal area has become more built-up over the period, with the construction of several new facilities in terms of dining and surfing. Of a particular note is the fact that the road infrastructure has been improved greatly by today, providing access to more amenities of the area.

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