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Writing Task 1: Average number of hours students

Recent Exam 04/2024

The bar chart shows the average number of hours students in five different universities studied.

Sample Answer 1:

The provided charts compare five universities regarding the average time their students dedicate to studying during weekdays and weekends.

Overall, from Monday to Friday, while University C shows the highest number of study hours, the differences in study time among the universities remain relatively minor. On weekends, however, the disparities become more pronounced, with students at University A allocating the most time to academic pursuits.

Regarding weekday study time, students at University C lead with an average of 10.6 hours per day. University B and University E closely follow with similar averages of around 10 hours per day. The remaining universities have slightly lower averages, ranging from 9.6 to 9.8 hours per day.

During weekends, students in university A spend approximately 9 hours studying and reviewing lessons, which is also the highest figure among all the schools. Meanwhile, the average study time in University B is 8.6 hours a day, exceeding the figures for University C and E by 1 hour and 2,4 hours respectively. Finally, University D records the lowest average study time, at just 5.6 hours.

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Sample Answer 2:

The bar charts illustrate the stark discrepancies in study time dedicated by students across five educational institutions.

Overall, a distinct disparity exists between weekday and weekend study patterns. While weekdays display remarkable consistency across most institutions, weekends reveal a wider range, varying from 6 to a substantial 9 hours.

Looking first at weekdays’ figures which reveal a clear pattern, students from University C demonstrably dedicate the most time, clocking in at an impressive 10.6 hours. Interestingly, students at the remaining universities exhibit remarkable consistency, hovering around the 10-hour mark.

Turning to weekends which present a more nuanced picture, a noticeable difference emerges in the time spent on assignments. University A students lead the pack, devoting a significant 9 hours to this pursuit. This is closely followed by Universities B and C at 8.6 and 7.8 hours respectively. Conversely, a sense of uniformity characterizes Universities D and E, with their students averaging approximately 6 hours of weekend study.

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