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Writing Task 1: Car journeys into the city centre

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. 

The bar chart gives information about the number of car journeys into the city centre made by residents and non-residents.

Model Answer

The bar graph describes how many car journeys were made daily by residents and non-residents into the city center from 1996 to 2005.

Overall, car travels by residents fell substantially over the years; however, the number of car trips by non-residents remained somewhat unchanged at the end of the period though it rose noticeably at the beginning. Of particular note are two traffic-related changes which seemingly affected the volume of traffic to the city center.

In 1996, residents made about twice as many car trips to the city center on a daily basis as non-residents did, at around 10,000 and 5,000 respectively. This gap shrunk over the years as the figure for the former dropped to roughly 9,500 in 1999 while that for the latter grew gradually, reaching just over 8,000.

The figures changed radically once parking meters were installed after 1999. The number of daily car journeys by residents nose-dived to 5,000, while just under 8,000 car trips were made by non-residents until 2002.

Towards the end of 2002, traffic access to Westgate Street and Park Lane was shut down, which resulted in a sudden drop in the total volume of traffic. Average daily resident car trips declined to 4,000 in 2003, while the count for non-resident car journeys more than halved, at 3,000. By the end of the period, the latter figure had recovered to 5,000 as opposed to the former, which had not changed.

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