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Writing Task 1: The average retirement age of males and females

The graph below shows the average retirement age of males and females in six countries in 2003.

Sample Answer

The table gives information about the age at which men and women of six countries retired in the year 2003. 

Overall, across all given countries, the retirement age of men was marginally higher than that of women, and both male and female Koreans retired at a later age compared to people from other countries. 

It is noticeable that the longest duration of employment for both genders can be observed in Korea. The average retirement age for Korean males was 68 years and 8 months, while their female counterparts retired, on average, 18 months earlier. Following closely in terms of the ages of leaving a job and stopping working were Australia, the USA, and Japan, whose figures were not significantly different.

As for men, their retirement age ranged from 64 years and a month to 67 years and four months, while for women, it fluctuated mildly between 63 years and 5 months and 66 years and 9 months. Notably, among these countries, Australia had the lowest recorded data, while the greatest number of retirement ages were seen in Japan. 

Conversely, Italy and France exhibit comparatively lower retirement ages. The average retirement ages of Italian males and females were 58 years and 57 years respectively. . In France, the retirement age was the lowest, with men retiring at 57 years and 4 months as opposed to women at 56 years and 9 months.

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