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Writing Task 1: The consumption of three basic foods

The table below shows the consumption of three basic foods, rice, wheat and maize, by people in four different countries

Sample Answer

The table provides details about the amount of calories that people from four different countries consume on a daily basis from different foods.

Overall, people in Egypt consume the highest amount of calories per day out of all four countries. Additionally, the biggest single source of caloric intake was from the consumption of rice in Cambodia.

At over 2,000 calories per day, Egyptians have the highest intake of calories of all four countries, along with the highest consumption of wheat (1095 calories/day). Their consumption of both rice (501 calories/day) and maize (578 calories/day) are around half that of their wheat intake. Meanwhile, the people of Poland have the lowest caloric intake of all four countries, with a daily wheat consumption of 865 calories and rice consumption of 19 calories.

Caloric consumption trends in Mexico and Cambodia are quite different, with Mexicans getting most of their calories from maize (1083 calories/day), while Camodians consume the majority of their calories from rice (1445 calories).

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