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Writing Task 1: The spending habits of people in UK

The pie charts show the spending habits of people in UK in 1971 and 2001.

Write a report to a university lecturer describing the data.

Write at least 150 words

Sample Answer

The pie charts show how UK citizens spent their income in the years 1971 and 2001.

Overall, in 1971, most income was expended on food while the reverse was true for computers. Thirty years later, however, expenditure on cars accounted for the highest figure whereas books made up the smallest one. Furthermore, spending on cars, computers, and restaurants grew; however, the figures for the remaining expenditure categories dropped.

In 1971, food was the most spent on item with 44%, which was twice as much as the second biggest spending category – cars. Expenditure on petrol and furniture constituted about a tenth each, closely followed by restaurants and books (7% and 6%). In stark contrast, people in the UK spent by far the least on computers, at 2%.

The spending habits of UK citizens changed remarkably three decades later. Spending on cars virtually doubled, reaching just over two-fifths. This was offset by a decline in food expenditure, which decreased nearly threefold from the initial year to 14%. The figure for computers grew, so did that for eating out. The former rose to 12% while the latter 14%. Furniture and petrol both received less money, at 8% each, and similarly, book purchase dropped to 1%.

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