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Writing Task 2: Children should spend time reading educational books only

Some parents believe that a child should not waste time by reading entertainment books, instead, they should spend time reading educational books only.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample Answer:

Some parents are of the view that books children read should be educational rather than entertaining as entertainment books can be a waste of time. Though educational books are superior to entertainment ones in many respects, I take issue with the idea that the latter waste children’s time.

Admittedly, educational books can be more beneficial to children than their entertainment counterparts. Knowledge-based books are crucial for better academic attainment. Having read books related to their school curriculum such as textbooks and encyclopedias, children can develop an extensive understanding of school subjects. As a result, they perform well in their school exams, which is essential for their future academic success. Furthermore, entertainment books such as comic books and fantasy novels lack relevance to the real world. This is because these books contain imaginary characters and events, which bear neither resemblance nor importance to those in the actual world. In this sense, entertainment genre offers no extrinsic value to children.

I, on the other hand, consider that entertainment books confer many advantages to young minds. Primarily, books in this genre help foster imagination in children. This is because when reading fantasy books, children are compelled to conjure up images in their mind and engage their imagination. Enhanced imagination, in turn, is critical for their overall mental development. More than just improving their imagination, reading non-educational books provide a much-needed break for children. Academic subjects at schools can be mentally taxing and monotonous, so books outside the school curriculum would serve as an escape from the challenge and monotony of school. This is important for balanced and efficient learning experience at school.

In conclusion, while I partly agree with parents who prefer educational books over entertaining ones for their children, I do not consider the latter to be useless as entertainment books boost children’s imagination and serve a crucial recreational purpose.

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