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Writing Task 2: Famous people

Young people today know more about international pop and film stars than they do about famous people in their own country’s history.

Why is this?

What can be done to increase young people’s interest in famous people from their country’s history?

Sample Answer 8.0+

In the modern world, it is undeniable that young people often possess a greater knowledge of international pop and film stars compared to famous figures from their own country’s history. This phenomenon can be attributed to several key factors, and some measures can be taken to address this issue.

Young people often know more about global pop and film stars than their own country’s historical figures due to multiple factors. Firstly, the rise of the internet and social media has made information about international celebrities more accessible than ever before. Youngsters are inundated with international pop and film star content on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. These celebrities’ large followings and regular fan engagement create a personal connection. Secondly, the entertainment industry, including Hollywood and the global music industry, invests significant resources in marketing and promoting international stars. The extensive media coverage, advertising campaigns, and merchandise associated with these celebrities contribute to their widespread recognition.

To increase young people’s interest in famous figures from their own country’s history, several measures can be taken. Schools can update their history curricula to include more engaging and relevant content about local historical figures, making history lessons more interesting and relatable to young learners. At the same time, organizing cultural events, exhibitions, and heritage tours can provide young people with opportunities to explore and appreciate their country’s history. Moreover, the media can raise awareness of national history through TV, documentaries, and films, making it more appealing to young audiences. Television programs, documentaries, and films can be produced to showcase the lives and contributions of famous individuals from the country’s past.

In conclusion, while international pop and film stars have a strong presence in young people’s lives, efforts to boost their interest in their country’s history can succeed through creative education, cultural events, and engaging media.

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