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Writing Task 2: Government| Health Care vs Tax-payers

Recent Writing Exam : 04/2024

Some people say that when deciding taxes, government should prioritize health care. Others think that there are more important priorities for tax-payers’ money.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Sample Answer

When it comes to deciding how tax revenue should be allocated, the debate often centers around whether the government should prioritize healthcare or focus on other pressing needs. Although there can be valid arguments for prioritizing other sectors, I firmly believe that healthcare is of utmost importance.

On the one hand, some argue that there are competing priorities for taxpayers’ money that may take precedence over healthcare. One commonly cited consideration is ensuring national security and defense, which may require substantial financial resources. This includes funding for military operations, intelligence agencies, and emergency response systems to protect citizens from external threats and maintain stability. Another argument is that the authorities should invest in initiatives to stimulate economic growth, such as tax breaks for businesses or subsidies for industries, since these measures aim to create jobs, boost consumer spending, and drive economic activity.

In my view, despite the importance of these aspects, healthcare should be a top consideration for government investment for several reasons. Chief among these is that ensuring access to quality healthcare is not just a matter of economic or strategic interest; it is a moral imperative. Every individual deserves the opportunity to lead a healthy and fulfilling life, meaning that healthcare is essential for realizing this fundamental right. Secondly, investing in healthcare yields long-term benefits for society, including improved public health outcomes, increased productivity, and reduced healthcare costs over time. By addressing health issues proactively, governments can mitigate the economic and social consequences of preventable diseases and illnesses.

In conclusion, while there are competing priorities for taxpayer money, healthcare should be a top consideration for government investment due to its significant impact on public health, economic prosperity, and social equity. By prioritizing healthcare, governments can fulfill their responsibility to protect and promote the well-being of their citizens and create a healthier, more prosperous society for all.

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