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Writing Task 2: Many people use the internet and smartphones to transfer money

Writing Task 2

Today many people use the internet and smartphones to transfer money to friends, family and businesses. Is it a positive or negative development?

Sample Answer

The development technology, particularly smartphones and the internet, has enabled people to send money to any person or business. While there are some downsides to transferring money online, I believe that it is a change for the better.

There are some reasons why sending money online can be deemed unfavorable. First, there is a risk of online frauds. My father, for instance, has recently fallen victim to a website and lost about $200 after downloading an application on his smartphone, which was supposed to offer commission-free transfers. Second, there are accessibility issues. People living in remote places like deserts or mountains have very poor mobile connection, let alone internet access. For them, it is more convenient to send money in a traditional way.

Despite the negatives mentioned above, I believe that sending money with the help of the internet and smartphones is a positive change. The main reason why this is so is convenience it offers to users. While banks don’t work 24/7 and ATMs are placed only in specific places, online transfers can be made whenever and wherever possible. Aside from this, sending money via the internet provides instant support or help. A student studying in a foreign country, for example, can easily ask for money from friends or family members during an emergency, such as ill-health or an unfortunate accident. Due to these reasons, online transfers should be seen as progress.

To sum up, whereas online money transfers may not be accessible to all and are potentially vulnerable to scams, I feel that their convenience and speed outweigh any of the drawbacks.

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