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Writing Task 2: Some children spend hours everyday on their smartphones

Some children spend hours everyday on their smartphones.

Why is this case?

Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

Sample Answer

Mobile phones have become widely used in recent years. However, these days scientists want to know the reasons for the alarming trend of increased consumption of smartphones by many youngsters, and explore its ramifications on youths experiencing this. I believe that using mobile phones at a very young age could have detrimental effects on family relationships and children’s mental health as well.

To embark on, one of the main reasons why young generations use smartphones on a wide range is because of parents’ preoccupation. In other words, when fathers and mothers are crowded with hectic work, they do not have enough time to communicate with their offspring. This can be witnessed in Egypt where many single mothers work at more than one job in order to secure a better life standard for their children. Thus it is recommended that guardians should dedicate more time to their offspring to avoid family relationship gaps.

Nevertheless, mobiles could have deleterious effects on juveniles’ cognitive skills. To illustrate, if young children use smartphones for a long time, they might develop mental problems. For example, research conducted by some psychologists at Cairo University, in Egypt, stated that 30 per cent of children who consumed mobile phones at a young age suffered from Autistic Spectrum. Hence, it can be said that phones could be of a damaging impact on youths’ mentality.

In conclusion, after this essay has manifested the points above, it can be reiterated that busy caretakers might lead to the over-consumption of mobiles by their children, and this could have a negative effect on their mental status as well as the family relationship.

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Overall Band Score: 9.0

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