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Writing Task 2: Some people prefer to use energy-saving modes of transportation like hybrid cars and bicycles

Some people prefer to use energy-saving modes of transportation like hybrid cars and bicycles. Others prefer the usual mode of transportation like buses and trains because it is fast and efficient. Which mode of transportation do you prefer and why?

Model Answer 1:

People use transportation to travel from one place to another, where some of them are keen on using traditional ways to commute, while others choose the innovative ones which are also energy efficient. I strongly support the latter approach as non-renewable energy sources can be saved. Firstly, this essay mentions the benefits of these innovative ways, then discuss the environmental advantages it provides.

To begin with, it is a well-known fact that technology has revolutionized the planet. The world has seen tremendous achievements and will continue to see so. One of such domains, which had been drastically enhanced by the intervention of technology in the transportation sector. For example, we have seen the invention of electric cars which when proposed was thought as impossible, now has not only been made pragmatic but also the world is benefitted by its effects such as using electricity to recharge itself instead of fuels used by orthodox vehicles. Thus, it not only aids in reducing their daily costs but also saves a lot of non-renewable sources.

Furthermore, the usage of modern technology to deal with day-to-day hindrances has been a norm now. However, in that ,hastiness one should not forget how mother nature is being affected. Although, the invention of cars and other mechanical devices has served humans in numerous ways, while it also posed threats indirectly by affecting the environment. For instance, by using hybrid cars or even bicycles the usage of fuels can be dramatically reduced thereby, air pollution can be reduced, in contrast to what the current vehicles are promoting. Hence, modern technology vehicles must be preferred over the already present ones.

To sum up, there is a need to be efficient in the transportation field by utilising the latest scientific additions that have proven to be advantageous than whatever is already existing. These aid us by saving expenses and non-renewable resources, in addition to saving the environment. Therefore, hybrid vehicles must be encouraged.

Word count: 323

Model Answer 2:

Preferences to transportation modes are seen divided among the public. When a group prefers energy-saving modes such as bicycles and hybrid automobiles, others go with popular transportation like buses and trains. Both these options have their own individual merits, and hence it is better to analyse both before framing a logical conclusion.

On the one hand, those who prefer the first mode highlight the importance of saving energy, which one can use in future or for other purposes. They feel that a considerable proportion of fossil fuels are used up by every country for the usual modes of transportation including the operation of cars, buses and trains. It has to be understood that when these perishable sources of energy are utilized irrationally, the demand of energy in future would peak in an unparalleled manner. Another merit they focus is the environmental friendliness of these options, as hybrid cars and bicycles hardly pollute the environment.

On the other hand, the second group opines that whichever transportation mode people select, it should be fast and efficient. This can be better done when people use usual modes of transportation including trains and airplanes. Firstly, this can save the invaluable time a person has to spend on transportation. The next benefits are the comfort and convenience these modes offer. Therefore, they believe that in order to reach the destinations faster and without much exhaustion, one has to make use of these transportation modes, even though they use up certain amount of energy.

After analysing both options in detail, I believe as a responsible citizen, I have to prefer energy-saving modes of transportation. However, it is a fact that in most of the current circumstances, it is hardly possible.

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