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Writing Task 2: The government should spend money putting more works of art

Some people suggest that the government should spend money putting more works of art like paintings and statues into towns and cities to make them attractive places.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Keywords: the government, spend money, more works of art, towns and cities , attractive places. 

Sample Answer

It is believed by some that governments should allocate funds to install more works of art, such as paintings and statues, in towns and cities to enhance their attractiveness. Although there are certain arguments against this viewpoint, I believe that such an initiative should be put into practice. 

On the one hand, opponents argue that more practical and immediate needs, such as infrastructure, education, and healthcare should receive greater allocation of the national budget, which is often limited in most countries around the world.

Obviously, these areas are vital for a country to function well and have a direct impact on the well-being and livelihood of citizens, whereas art may be considered as a kind of luxury that serves the sole purpose of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a city. 

However, the economic benefits that public art brings to a country should not be downplayed. Sculptures or statues can turn towns and cities into vibrant and culturally rich spaces, and such aesthetically pleasing cities are more likely to not only boost tourist activities but also attract businesses and investors, thus contributing to the development of the local economy and generating more employment opportunities.

In this way, the indirect economic advantages of public art can offset its initial costs and contribute to the overall prosperity of citizens’ life.  

Moreover, public art functions as a vehicle for expressing and enriching culture. When governments integrate a variety of artistic expressions into public spaces, they actively contribute to shaping the cultural identity of a community. This exposure to a range of art forms serves as an educational and inspirational experience for residents, nurturing feelings of pride and fostering an appreciation for cultural diversity.

In conclusion, while there are reasonable concerns related to the allocation of limited resources, the benefits of public art in enhancing the cultural and economic fabric of a community are adequate compensation for the initial costs involved in setting up art projects in cities and towns. 

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