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Describe a favourite song

You should say:

  1. What
  2. Why
  3. How do you feel about this song
  4. When was the first time you heard this song


● I love music and I love listening to Hindi and Punjabi songs.

● Most of these songs are very meaningful.

● Here I would like to talk about a Punjabi song by a famous Punjabi singer Gurdas Maan

● The name of the song is Boot Polishan.

● It is my favourite song.

● It is from his album Boot Polishan

● It was released in 2008.

● The song gives the message that work is worship.

● Instead of begging for money a person should work and earn.

● It does not matter if the work is small such as polishing shoes of people.

● If a person works and earns he can always hold his head high.

● I heard this song about two years ago and since then it has become my favourite song.

● Actually Gurdas Mann is my favourite singer.

● He is a multifaceted personality.

● He is a singer, actor, director and a lyricist as well.

● He writes the lyrics of his songs himself.

● He has also acted in many Punjabi movies.

● All my family members also love his songs.

● When we go out anywhere together we play his songs in the car.

● All his songs have messages.

● He even performs in stage shows.

● He always has his tambourine in his hands when he performs.

● There is a village near my home town where he comes every year and performs for charity.

● I went there last year.

● It was an electrifying experience.

Part 3 – Follow Up Questions

1. What types of songs are the most popular among today’s young generation in India?

Nowadays rap or pop songs are most popular in India. Songs which have good lyrics and beats are liked by the youth. Sometimes young people also like songs which have trending videos and lyrics.

2. Why do you think pop music is so popular?

Pop music is popular because pop songs normally have nice beats and catchy tunes which make people feel like dancing. Also people are easily able to remember the lyrics of pop songs.

3. What kinds of songs do elders prefer?

Old People normally like to listen to the music of 1960’s or 70’s. These are normally slow and melodious songs which are soothing to the ears. So old people prefer such kind of music.

4. Has your preference in music changed over the years?

Yes my music preference has changed a lot over the years, when I was young I loved the pop songs but as I am getting older my interests are changing and now I like to explore different kinds of music like jazz, rock and rap etc.


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