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Describe a newly-opened shop

You should say:

  • Where the shop is
  • When it opened
  • What it sells
  • And how you feel about the shop.

Band 8 Sample

I am going to talk about a newly-opened convenience store in my neighbourhood called Circle K. Actually, Circle K is an extremely popular chain-store from America and has multiple outlets around Hanoi now.

But the Circle K that I’m speaking about was recently built only a couple of blocks away from where I live and I noticed it as soon as it was built. Also, because of its eye-catching logo with a giant, red letter K in a white circle, it’s quite hard to miss.

I think that the main reason that I became a regular customer of Circle K was because of one particular item that they sell in their stores, and I was on cloud nine when I discovered it, my favourite alcoholic drink, Vodka Cruiser.  You know Cruiser’s only contain 4.5% alcohol which is perfect for a lightweight like me. And so, after my discovery, Circle K pretty much became a regular hangout spot of mine where my buddies and I would sometimes meet up and sit outside the store with a couple of Cruiser’s chatting about our lives and stuff. It’s actually kind of embarrassing but Circle K is the place where I come to let off some steam after a break up or some other big drama I have in my life.

So yeah, as long as Circle K still keeps on selling Vodka Cruisers, it will always be my favourite shop.

Vocabulary highlights:

  1. convenience store – a store that sells some commonly used items and stays open long hours
  2. chain-store – a shop that is one of many owned by a larger company that all sell the same products
  3. outlets – a place where things are sold
  4. blocks – the distance from one street to the next
  5. eye-catching – very attractive or noticeable
  6. hard to miss – obvious, or easy to see
  7. on cloud nine – extremely happy
  8. lightweight – a person that is thin, light, and/or gets drunk easily
  9. hangout spot – a place to relax with friends or by yourself
  10. chatting – to talk with someone in a friendly informal way
  11. let off some steam – to do something that helps you relax and get rid of anger or frustration
  12. big drama – a big problem or issue


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