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Describe a project or a piece of work you did together with someone

You should say:

  • What it was
  • What you have done
  • Why you have chosen this person(s) to work with And explain what you did to finish the project.

Band 8 Sample

I’m going to tell you about a project I did with my younger sister that I have always taken pride in. And that’s my mother’s 50th birthday party, which took place last year.

To be frank, I’m not usually a very good team mate, and most projects I have ever done always end up in disaster. That’s why I couldn’t care less when the little girl brought up the idea of throwing a surprise birthday party for mom. I was pretty sure I would mess everything up. However, my sister was so determined and she literally forced me to prepare everything with her. I did hesitate, of course, but on second thoughts, I was also quite curious about mom’s reaction the moment she would be taken by surprise.

So I was in. At first, I planned to just buy mom a gift for fear that I might ruin everything. Khanh, my little sister, wasn’t very pleased with my intention to quit. And rather, she just told me to make mom a video full of our memories together, and I couldn’t do anything but follow her orders.

Finally, mom’s birthday came. She didn’t even remember it; let alone be aware of what we had done, because we agreed to keep it a secret beforehand. Right at the moment she came home, she was really taken aback by a note telling her to come to the kitchen. All the lights in the house had been turned off, so she had to carefully make her way there. When she got there, we played the video and her favourite song. She stood still for a moment, and then tears of joy streamed down her face. We knew we had got her.

After all, the plan turned out to be quite a success, and besides a sense of accomplishment, I also felt really thankful to see my mom so happy for the first time in a while.

Thank you for listening.


Vocabulary highlights

  • take pride in: To take satisfaction in, be proud of, or highly value something one owns, has done, or is renowned for
  • end up: to reach a particular place or achieve a situation after other activities
  • on second thoughts: Having reconsidered or revised one’s opinion of something
  • be taken by surprise: to be shocked or startled by someone or something • be taken aback: to be shocked or startled by someone or something
  • make one’s way to somewhere: walk or travel to somewhere
  • turn out: to happen in a particular way or to have a particular result, especially an unexpected one
  • a sense of accomplishment: a proud feeling of having done something difficult and worthwhile
  • for a while: for some time


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