[IELTS Ideas] Money

Money and Society

  • Society has become increasingly materialistic
  • People aspire to earn more money
  • They want a bigger house or a better car
  • We connect wealth and material possessions with happiness and success
  • Brands like Armani or Mercedes are status symbols
  • Advertising creates new desires and needs
  • It persuades us to buy the latest styles


Positives of Consumerism

  • Consumerism creates employment
  • It helps to reduce poverty
  • It encourages innovation and creativity in business
  • We live in a global economy
  • We have a better quality of life


Negatives of Consumerism

  • Consumerist societies create more waste
  • They use more natural resources
  • They cause damage to the environment
  • Consumerism creates a throw-away culture
  • Advertisers tell us who we are and what we want
  • Wealth does not lead to happiness
  • Materialism causes greed and crime
  • We should return to traditional values like sharing



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