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Listening Full Test 7 - Section 1

Questions 1–10

Complete the notes below.






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1 silver
2 paint
3 two / 2 owners
4 new
5 stereo
6 bike / bicycle
7 50,000 / fifty thousand
8 Hunter Place
9 4.30 / four thirty / pm / p.m.
10 352 7652



You will hear a telephone conversation between a man called Peter who is calling about a used car, and a woman called Tina who is selling the car. First, you have some time to look at questions 1 to 7.

You will see that there is an example that has been done for you. On this occasion only, the conversation relating to this example will be played first.

MAN: Hi, It’s Peter speaking. I’m calling about the ad you put online for a used car?
WOMAN: Sorry, what was your name again?
MAN: Oh, sorry, it’s Peter Smith.

The man says his name is Peter Smith, so Peter Smith has been written in the space. Now we shall begin. You should answer the questions as you listen because you will not hear the recording a second time. Listen carefully and answer questions 1 to 7.

Peter: Hi, It’s Peter speaking. I’m calling about the ad you put online for a used car.
Tina: Sorry, what was your name again?
Peter: Oh, sorry, it’s Peter Smith.
Tina: Ah, hi, I’m Tina. Good to hear from you. So tell me, which car are you after?
Peter: I’m interested in the sedan, the 2012 Toyota sedan.
Tina: We have a few of those available right now. Let’s see, was it the black pearl one? Or maybe the Barcelona red one?
Peter: Oh yes, I saw the red one, but I don’t really like red cars. The one I’m after is silver.
Tina: Right, I see … OK, well, what would you like to know?
Peter: Well, it says in the ad that it’s in good condition. What does that mean, exactly?
Tina: Well, the paint is original, there are almost no scratches or dents. It looks like a new car, in fact. There was a tiny scratch on the door, but we polished that right out for you.

Peter: Oh, that’s good. How’s the engine?
Tina: The engine? Oh, yes, well, there haven’t been any problems, and it’s been serviced regularly, you know, oil changes, lubes and so on. The previous owner was a very careful old lady, and she looked after it. It’s only had the one driver; oh, except that on the papers it says two owners, because her son took over the ownership when the old lady stopped driving.
Peter: How about the tyres? Are they in good condition? I do a lot of driving on the open road.
Tina: Well, they all passed the car safety test. You might need to replace the back ones in the next 6 months or so, because they’re a bit worn, but the owner had the front two replaced only a couple of months ago, so those ones are new. You won’t need to replace them for ages. Oh … and it had new brake linings recently, too. I have the garage receipts for all those things.
Peter: OK … that’s good … and what extras does it have?
Tina: Well, air conditioning of course, and there’s a nice stereo which plays CDs or you can use it with an mp3 player. Umm, what else? All the usuals, power steering, central locking, ABS brakes, oh, and it also has a tow bar. You can remove that and store it inside the car when you’re not using it. Um, what else? You know it’s manual transmission, right?
Peter: Yes, I don’t want an automatic, and the tow bar sounds great, I need that for carrying my bike. Ok, well, that all sounds very cool. And you’re asking 25,000 dollars, is that right?
Tina: No, no way! I think you must have the wrong ad. This one is 30,000, and we won’t go lower than that.
Peter: Hmm, I see … What’s the mileage again?
Tina: Most cars of that age would be around 80,000 km or even up to 120,000 but as I said the old lady didn’t drive much so it’s very low, only 50,000. You won’t get a better low-mileage car than this one.

Before you hear the rest of the conversation, you have some time to look at questions 8 to 10.
Now listen and answer questions 8 to 10.

Peter: OK … well, I’d like to come and see it if that’s all right. Where do you live?
Tina: I’m in the suburb of Pembrose. Do you know where that is?
Peter: Sorry, can you say that again? I’ll just check on my GPS.
Tina: Yes, I’m in Pembrose, at 352 Hunter Place. H…U…N…T…E…R
Peter: Oh yes, I see, yes that’s OK, it’s about 30 minutes’ drive from here. No, that’s no problem.
Tina: So, when would you like to come?
Peter: How about this evening? I could come at 5 pm … oh, no … sorry I forgot my gym class, how about 6.30? Does that suit you?
Tina: Look, sorry, I have someone else coming then. Can you make it a bit later? Say, 7.30?
Peter: Well, OK then, but that’s getting a bit late really and it’ll be dark by then, won’t it? I’d really like to see the car in daylight, if that’s OK.
Tina: Well then, how about 4-ish?
Peter: Yes that’s good. OK, let’s say 4.30 pm, and I guess I’ll just have to be late for the gym. I’m usually very punctual, so being late just once won’t matter too much.
Tina: Yes, fine, see you then. Oh, just in case there’s a problem, what’s your mobile number?
Peter: Oh, of course. It’s 09-367-8192. Um, ignore that … it’s my landline. Of course it makes more sense to give you my mobile. That’s 045 – 3-5-2-7-6-5-2
Tina: Got that! Excellent. See you later, Peter.
Peter: Yes, sure. Bye, Tina.


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