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IELTS Speaking: Essential Words Part 5

IELTS Speaking: Essential Words Part 5

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IELTS Speaking Essential Words

1. Career prospect – the probability or chance for future success in a profession.
• Enhancing soft skills such as communication and problem solving skills can improve people’s career prospects.

2. Home to – To be a place where something/someone is commonly found
• Surkhandaryo is home to about 3 million people, which means it has got 10 times more people than north Cyprus.

3. Mountainous – having a lot of mountains
• Surkhandaryo is a mountainous region

4. Tranquility – a peaceful, calm state, without noise, violence, worry
• When I need tranquility and peace of mind, I usually go there

5. Peace of mind – a feeling of calm or not being worried
• Doing things in a planned way gives me peace of mind

6. Decompose (C2) – to be destroyed gradually by natural processes
• plastic waste may take 500 years to decompose

7. Preoccupied (C2) – thinking about something a lot, with the result that you do not pay attention to other things
• It seems to me that people are preoccupied all the time

8. Loss of biodiversity (C2) – species become extinct.
• Illegal hunting plays a role in loss of biodiversity

9. Per capita income (C2) – the average income that per person receives in a specific area
• Per capita income is 1 mln 700 soums in Uzbekistan

10. Literacy (C1) – competence or knowledge in a specified area.
• Computer literacy is becoming as essential as the ability to drive a car.
• Young people have better tech-literacy than adults

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