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IELTS Writing Sample : Environment (3)


Some people say that it is possible for a country to be both economically successful and have a clean environment. Others disagree.

Discuss both view and give your opinion.

Band 8 Sample

The strength of any nation does not come without costs, one of which is upon the local environment whose resources fuel each and every sector of the economy. And yet many people believe that a strong economy and a clean environment can co-exist. I do not entirely deny this belief; however, I find myself more convinced of the fact that we cannot have them both.

For years, scientists have developed ways to replace traditional sources of exploitation in many fields, like electricity and fuel. The use of alternative renewable energy from sunlight, wind and geothermal heat, have been applied in many areas, which helps to keep the environment away from harm. In addition, many environmental activists say that it is certainly within our reach to minimize the damage caused by industrial activities and protect Mother Earth. Many have even succeeded in convincing governments to take action in such regard.

Nevertheless, we should not forget that there are things that make it impossible to relieve our dependency on natural resources. For example, the automobile, mining and steel industry, are without doubt taking a heavy toll on the environment on account of carbon emissions and chemical waste. But those prove to be indispensable and irreplaceable to the progress of many economies. Furthermore, tremendous damage has already been done, and many people fear that the environment’s state of cleanliness cannot be restored. Take Beijing as an example. Air quality there is the worst in the world, with thick layers of smog covering the atmosphere.

In conclusion, my firm conviction is that no matter how hard we try to preserve the environment, while we continue to exploit its natural resources for the sake of the economy, we will never have both of them at the same time.

Vocabulary highlights:
  1. A strong economy and a clean environment can co-exist
  2. Traditional sources of exploitation
  3. The use of alternative renewable energy
  4. Minimize the damage caused by industrial activities
  5. Relieve our dependency on natural resources
  6. Take a heavy toll on the environment
  7. Carbon emissions and chemical waste


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