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IELTS Writing Sample : Environment (Band 8)


The responsibility for the protection of the environment is by a transnational organization or every country?

Band 8 Sample

Some people argue that protecting the environment should be the duty of each individual nation, while others believe that it should be the responsibility of a multinational organisation. Personally, I believe that although each country needs to be responsible for the protection of its own natural landscapes, there should also be an international governing body that monitors each country’s actions.

First and foremost, the protection of the environment should ultimately be the responsibility of each individual nation and its inhabitants. A healthy and flourishing natural environment is essential for healthy human societies. The people who live in a country are the ones who will mainly be affected by environmental destruction and damage within that country, and it is therefore these people who should be most concerned. When a country pollutes its atmosphere and water-ways with toxic emissions from heavy industry, the burning of fossil fuels and incorrect waste disposal, the people of that nation must breathe that contaminated air and utilise that polluted water, and this can have detrimental effects on people’s physical health and well-being.

However, unfortunately, many countries governments are riddled with corruptionand the best interests of the people are not always maintained. Therefore, it is necessary for an international organisation to monitor and educate people about the activities occurring within each country with regards to environmental issues. Many people around the world simply do not realise the short and long-term impacts that their actions have on the environment, and I believe that education is one effective answer to help solve this problem. Another cause of concern is that the actions of one country’s environmental destruction can have negative impacts on nearby neighbouring countries, and this is where an international organisation can help to monitor such circumstances.

In conclusion, although environmental protection needs to be the responsibility of each individual nation, there should also be one transnational organisationthat educates and monitors environmental concerns. There are many countries, yet only one planet, and therefore there needs to be cooperation in order for a healthy and sustainable future.


Vocabulary highlights:

  1. Multinational/ international governing body/ transnational organisation
  2. Pollutes its atmosphere and water ways with toxic emissions
  3. Riddle with corruption
  4. Short and long-term impacts


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