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Listening Full Test 1 - Section 1


NINA: Hi, George! Glad you’re back. Loads of people have phoned you.

GEORGE : Really?

NINA: I felt just like your secretary!

GEORGE : Sorry! I went into the library this afternoon to have a look at a newspaper and I came across something really interesting.

NINA: What? A book?

GEORGE : No, a brochure from a summer festival – mainly Spanish music. Look, I’ve got it here.

NINA: Spanish music? I really love the guitar. Let’s have a look. So what’s this group ‘Guitarrini’?

GEORGE : They’re really good. They had a video (Q1) with all the highlights of the festival at a stand in the lobby to the library,

so I heard them. They play fantastic instruments – drums and flutes and old kinds of guitars. I’ve never heard anything like it before.

NINA: Sounds great.

GEORGE : Okay. Shall we go then? Spoil ourselves?

NINA: Yes, let’s.

GEORGE : The only problem is there aren’t any cheap seats…it’s all one price.

NINA: Well, in that case we could sit right at the front – we’d have a really good view.

GEORGE : Yeah, though I think that if you sit at the back you can actually hear the whole thing better. (Q2)

NINA: Yes, Anyway we can decided when we get there.

NINA: So will you fill in the form or shall I?

NINA: Just a minute – I’ve got it written down here. WS6 2YH (Q4). Do you need the phone too?

GEORGE : I’ll do it. Name: George O’Neill. Address: 48 North Avenue (Q3), Westsea. Do you remember our new postcode? Still can’ remember it.

GEORGE : Please. I’m really bad at numbers.

NINA: 01674553242 (Q5). So, let’s book two tickets for Guitarrini.

GEORGE : Okay. If you’re sure £7.50 each is right. How do you feel about the singer?

NINA: I haven’t quite decided. But I’ve noticed something on the booking form that might just persuade me!

GEORGE : What’s that then?

NINA: Free refreshments!

GEORGE : Really?

NINA: Yes, look here. Sunday 17th of June. Singer, ticket £6.00 includes drinks (Q6) in the garden.

GEORGE : Sounds like a bargain to me!

NINA: Yes, let’s book two tickets for that. So, what else? I’m feeling quite keen now! How about the pianist (Q7) on the 22nd of June?

GEORGE : Anna Ventura? I’ve just remembered that’s my evening class right.

NINA: That’s okay. I’ll just have to do on my own – but we can go to the Spanish dance and guitar concert together, can’t we?

GEORGE : Yes – I’m sure Tom and Kieran would enjoy that too. Good heavens – £10.50 (Q8) a ticket! I can see we’re going to have to go without food for the rest of the week – we’ll need to book four! (Q9)

NINA: Wish we were students – look! Children, Students and Senior Citizens get a 50% (Q10) discount on everything.

GEORGE : If only!


Questions 1 and 2

Choose the correct letter A, B or C

1.    In the lobby of the library George saw

A. a group playing music

B. a display of instruments

C. a video about the festival

2.    George wants to sit at the back so they can
A. see well

B. hear clearly

C. pay less

Questions 3-10

Complete the form below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND / OR A NUMBER for each answer.



NAME:                            George O’Neill

ADDRESS:                     3 …………………. , West sea

POSTCODE:                  4 …………………..

TELEPHONE:               5 ………………….


Event Price per ticket No. Of tickets

5 June


Instumental group


– Guitarrini

£7.50 2

17 June


Singer (price includes


6 ………………….

in the garden)

£6 2

22 June



7 …………………….

(Anna Ventura)

£7.00 1

23 June



Spanish Dance & Guitar Concert 8 £ ………………… 9 ……………………
NB Children / Student / Senior Citizens have 10 …………………discount on all tickets.


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  1. C : a video about the festiva
  2. B. hear clearly
  3. 48 North Avenue 
  4. WS6 2YH 
  5. 01674553242 
  6. free drink 
  7. the pianist
  8. 10.50
  9.  50%



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