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Listening Full Test 4 - Section 1


WOMAN:                  Hello, West Bay Hotel. Can I help you?

MAN:                         Oh, good morning. I’m ringing about your advertisement in the Evening Gazette.

WOMAN:                  Is that the one for temporary (Example) staff?

MAN:                         That’s right.

WOMAN:                  Yes. I’m afraid the person who’s dealing with that isn’t in today, but I can give you the main details if you like.

MAN:                         Yes, please. Could you tell me what kinds of  staff you are looking for?

WOMAN:                  We’re looking for waiters (Q1) at the moment. There was one post for a cook, but that’s already been taken.

MAN:                         Oh right. Erin, what are the hours of work?

WOMAN:                  There are two different shifts – there’s a day shift from 7 to 2 and a late shift from 4 till 11.

MAN:                         And can people choose which one they want to do?

WOMAN:                  Not normally, because everyone would choose the day shift I suppose. You alternate from one week to another.

MAN:                         Okay. I’m just writing all this down. What about time off?

WOMAN:                 You get one day off and I think you can negotiate which one you want, it’s more or less up to you (Q2). But it has to be the same one every week.

MAN:                         Do you know what the rates of pay are?

WOMAN:                  Yes, I’ve got them here. You get £5.50 an hour, and that includes a break (Q3).

MAN:                         Do I have to go home to eat or…

WOMAN:                  You don’t have to. You can get a meal in the hotel (Q4) if you want to, and there’s no charge for it so you might as well.

MAN:                         Oh good. Yes, so let’s see. I’d get er, two hundred  and twenty one, no, two hundred and thirty one pounds  a week?

WOMAN:                  You’d also get tips-our guests tend to be quite generous.

MAN:                         Ern, is there a uniform? What about clothes?

WOMAN:                  Yes, I forgot to mention that. You need to wear a white shirt, just a plain one, and dark (Q5) trousers. You know, not  green or anything like that. And we don’t supply those.

MAN:                         That’s okay, I’ve got trousers, I’d just have to buy a couple of shirts. What about anything else? Do I need a waistcoat or anything?

WOMAN:                 You have to wear a jacket, but the hotel lends you that. (Q6)

MAN:                      I see. Er, one last thing – I don’t know what the starting date is.

WOMAN:                Just a minute, I think it’s sometime around the end of June. Yes, the 28th ,(Q7) in time for the summer.

MAN:                     That’s great. I’m available from the 10th.

WOMAN:Oh good. Well, if you can call again you need to speak to the Service Manager. Her name’s Jane Urwin, that’s U-R-W-I-N (Q8), and she’ll probably arrange to meet you.

MAN:                     Okay. And when’s the best time to ring?

WOMAN:                Could you call tomorrow? Um, she usually starts checking the rooms at midday, so before then if you can (Q9), so she’ll  have more time to chat. I’ll just give you her number because she’s got a direct line.

MAN:                     Thanks.

WOMAN:                It’s 832 double – 0 9.

MAN:                     823 double -0 9?

WOMAN:                832

MAN:                     Oh, okay. Yes, I’ll do that.

WOMAN:                And by the way, she will ask you for a reference (Q10), so you might like to be thinking about that. You know, just someone who knows you and can vouch for you.

MAN:                     Yes, no problem. Well, thanks very much for your help.

WOMAN:                You’re welcome. Bye.

MAN:                     Bye.

Questions 1-10

Complete the notes below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

West Bay Hotel – details of job 

Example                           Answer

ŸNewspaper advert for temporary staff


Ÿ   Vacancies for 1…………………..

Ÿ   Two shifts

Ÿ    Can choose your 2………………….. . (must be the same each week)

Ÿ    Pay: £5.50 per hour,  including a 3………………….. .

Ÿ    A 4…………………..  is provided in the hotel

Ÿ   Total weekly pay: £231

Ÿ   Dress: a while shirt and 5…………………..  trousers (not supplied) a 6…………………..  (supplied)

Ÿ    Starting date: 7………………….. .

Ÿ    Call Jane 8…………………..  (Service Manager) before 9…………………..  tomorrow (Tel: 832009)

Ÿ    She’ll require a 10………………….. .


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1: waiter(s)
2: day off
3: break
4: (free) meal
5: dark (coloured/colored)
6: jacket
7: 28 June
8: Urwin
9: 12.00 (pm)/noon/mid-day
10: reference



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