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Listening Full Test 4 - Section 2


CAROL:                    Good morning and welcome again to Your City Today. With me today is Graham Campbell, a councillor from the city council. He will best telling us about the plan to improve d the fast-growing suburb of  Red Hill. Good morning Graham and welcome to the show.

GRAHAM:                Good morning, Carol.

CAROL:                    Now, Graham, I understand that there has been a lot of community consultation for the new plan?

GRAHAM:                Yes, we’re tried to address some of the concerns that local groups told us about. People we’ve heard from are mainly worried about traffic in the area, and, in particular, the increasing speed of cars near schools. They feel that it is only a matter of time before there is an accident as a lot of  the children walk to the school. So we’re trying to do something about that. (Q11) Another area of  concern is the overhead power lines. These are very old and a lot of people we spoke to asked if something could be done about them. Well, I’m happy to report that the power company have agreed to move the power lines underground (Q12) at a cost of $800,000. I think that will really improve the look of the area, as well as being safer.

CAROL:                    That’s good to know, but will that mean an increase in rates for the local businesses in that are?

GRAHAM:                Well, the power company have agreed to bear the cost of this (Q13) themselves after a lot of discussion with the council. This is wonderful news as the council now has some extra funds for us to put into other things like tree planting and art work.

GRAHAM:                Now, we’ve also put together a map which we’ve sent out to all the residents in the area. And on the map we’ve marked the proposed changes. Firstly, we’ll plant mature pine trees to improve shelter and shade just to the right of the supermarket in Days Road (Q14). In order to address the traffic problems, the pavements on the corner of Carberry and Thomas Street will be widened (Q15). This will help to reduce the speed of vehicles entering Thomas Street. We think it’s very important to separate the local residential streets from the main road. So the roadway at the entry to Thomas Street from Days Road will be painted red (Q16). This should mark it move clearly and act as a signals for traffic to slow down. One way of making sure that the pedestrians are safe is to increase signage at the intersections. A ‘keep clear’ sign will be erected at the junction of Evelyn Street and Hill Street (Q17), to enable traffic to exit at all time. Something we’re planning to do help control the flow of traffic in the area is to install traffic lights half  way down Hill Street where it crosses Days Road (Q18). Now, we  haven’t only thought about the cars and traffic, of course, there’s also something for the children. We’re going to get school children in the area to the research a local story, the life of a local sports hero perhaps, and an artist will incorporate that story into paintings on the wall of a building on the other side of Hill Street from the supermarket (Q19). And finally, we’ve agreed to build a new children’s playground which will be at the other end of Hill Street close to the intersection with Carberry Street (Q20).

CAROL:                  Wonderful, now, what’s the next stage?

GRAHAM:              Well, the final plan…


Questions 11-13

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C. Improvements to Red Hill Suburb

11.    Community groups are mainly concerned about

   A. pedestrian safety.

   B. traffic jams.

   C. increased pollution.

12.    It has been decided that the overhead power lines will be

   A. extended

   B. buried

   C. repaired

13.    The expenses related to the power lines will be paid for by

   A. the council.

   B. the power company.

   C. local businesses.

Questions 14-20

Label the map below. Write the correct letter, A-H, next to questions 14-20.

Red Hill Improvement Plan

14. tree………………..

15. wider footpaths………………..

16. coloured road surface………………..

17. new sign………………..

18. traffic lights………………..

19. artwork………………..

20. children’s playground………………..


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11: A. pedestrian safety.
12: B. buried
13: B. the power company.
14: C
15: D
16: G
17: B
18: F
19: A
20: E



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