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My favorite magazine/ Talk about a magazine you read

You should say:

  1. Which Magazine it is
  2. Where you read it
  3. What was the magazine about


● Magazines are good source of knowledge and entertainment.

● There are many Magazines available in the market but my favorite magazine is “Meri Saheli”.

● It is a Monthly and its editor is Mrs. Hema Malini, the famous actress.

● I like this magazine because it is not a magazine to read and throw, it is a collectible.

● I have collected many past issues.

● There are many regular features in this magazine like the cooking tips, home décor ideas and family and social life improvement topics.

● I get many new ideas of preparing different varieties of snacks, vegetables and desserts and now I can prepare variety of food to my family and friends.

● I also get new tiffin ideas for my kids.

● Now they eat tasty, healthy and nutritious food which makes them keep licking their fingers and satisfies me a lot.

● This magazine also contains material about the relations, their problems and the solutions.

● I also get to know the latest fashions from this magazine.

● They have special issues from time to time such as knitting special, Diwali special, cookery special and so on.

● Sometimes there are free samples of some cosmetics with the issues.

● Once I received sample of Olay total effects.

● I liked it so much that I now routinely use this cream.

● Whenever I get time, I flick through the pages of the magazine.

● Every time I come across something new.

● It is a complete magazine for me and my family and has something for everyone.

● That’s why, this is my favorite magazine.

Part 3 – Follow Up Questions

1. What is the difference between magazine and newspapers

A newspaper is printed daily, but a magazine can be printed weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annually. A newspaper has news related to various topics, whereas a magazine caters to a specific segment. For example, those who like sports will read sports magazines, and those who are tech savvy, will read tech magazines.

2. What kinds of magazines are the most popular?

Generally entertainment or fashion magazines are very popular because they contain lots of gossip news which people enjoy and like to read

3. Do men like to read fashion magazines?

If you talk about a worldwide scale, then I don’t think that men like to read fashion magazines that much, they are more interested in current affairs, automobile and technology magazines

4. Do you like to read news magazines?

Yes I like to read news magazine, even our newspaper provides us with a weekly magazine called HT Brunch, every Sunday. This magazine contains a lot of positive and good information about the things happening in our society

5. Do you think journalists are subjective in their reports?

I think journalists are highly qualified and very responsible towards their profession, hence they do a thorough research before writing the articles. If they become subjective in their reports then it will not be good journalism

6. Do people read magazines for fun or for learning?

I believe, different magazines serve different purposes and people read them for both entertainment and to gain knowledge as well. It also depends on what magazine are they reading


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