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Something that helps you concentrate

You should say:

  1. What it is
  2. How it helps you concentrate
  3. How you feel about it


● Life has become very fast and it looks as if there is too much to do and too little time.

● So, concentrating on one thing and doing it nicely has become a big problem.

● I have tried many things to help me concentrate.

● Sometimes, I take a power nap and sometimes I do yoga.

● Here I would like to talk about a method which I tried doing to improve my concentration, and it has worked wonders for me.

● I go out and do some brisk walking in a park opposite my house.

● I sweat out my worries and stress and feel very light after that.

● I have noticed that whatever I do after that, I can do with full concentration.

● You know ma’am, brisk walking is a form of aerobic exercise, which releases endorphins in your body, which make you feel good and you can concentrate better with a happy mind.

● My cousin is a physiotherapist, and she told me the science behind this exercise.

● When I do yoga, even then my concentration improves, but brisk walking helps me shed some pounds from my body.

● When I have to study long hours, such as during exams, I go up on my terrace and take a few rounds.

● Then I can study with full concentration again.

● Walking is also good as we are all leading sedentary lifestyles.

● It provides the much needed exercise also

● So, walking is something, which helps me concentrate.


Part 3 – Follow Up Questions

1. Is it important for children to learn how to concentrate?

Yes, concentration is a very important skill and it is required at a lot of stages in life, like exams and jobs. So children should practice to do their tasks with full concentration. If someone lacks concentration then they find it difficult to understand things.

2. What can employers do to help employees concentrate?

There are lot of ways in which employers can help their employees in concentrating. Firstly, they can provide them a silent workplace environment. They can also organize meditation camps for their staff and teach them some concentration techniques.

3. What kinds of jobs require higher concentration at work?

I think, doctors specially surgeons require a high concentration at work. Other jobs are like drivers as they have to always concentrate on the traffic.

4. Have you ever felt difficult to concentrate?

Yes, sometimes I find it difficult to concentrate. The reasons are sometimes internal or external. Internal factors like stress take away the peace of mind and it becomes difficult to concentrate. Regarding external factors, sometimes people lose their concentration because of loud noises.

5. What kinds of distractions bother you in life?

There are multiple distractions which affect me. The biggest one is my smartphone which keeps buzzing constantly and takes my attention away from studies. Then sometimes my friends ask me to go out with them and due to this I lose my precious study hours.


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