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Talk about a recent activity that made you happy (something that happened recently that made you happy)

You should say:

  • a. What happened
  • b. When it happened
  • c. How you felt


● I believe happiness or sadness is just a state of mind. A poor person can find happiness in small things whereas rich people can still be sad even after they have everything.

● But sometimes in life there are situations when something happens and one feels happy or joyful despite of their background.

● Today, I would like to talk about one such situation when my happiness had no bounds (or limits).

● First of all, I love doing social work like public service at the temples or teaching kids from the weaker economic backgrounds (poor kids)

● This activity of teaching young children brings me eternal(great) happiness as I teach them for free.

● When these children do well in their studies and score well, I feel really happy that I have contributed something back to the society

● Recently, a student of mine, his name is Ramesh, and he lives in our neighbourhood, topped the examination.

● When I came to know about it, it was the happiest moment of life.

● Ramesh’s father does labour work and barely manages to send his children to school.

● When I first met Ramesh, I found that he was a bright kid but he was not serious about studies

● So I decided to help him by teaching him after school.

● I used to spend 2­3 hours with him everyday and he really enjoyed studying with me.

● Initially, I was worried that he will not be able to clear the examination because of his lack of interest

● But I never gave hope and I always motivated him to keep working hard.

● I helped him a lot in improving his Math skills by making it more practical and interesting for him.

● Finally when the results came and I came to know that he topped in his class, i was extremely delighted.

● Ramesh had also won a scholarship for next year in the school.

● This made me realise that the happiness we get by helping others can never be compared with any other form of happiness.

Part 3 – Follow Up Questions

1. How important is money?

I think money is quite important. It helps meet our daily and basic needs. We can lead a comfortable life if we have money. However, I also feel that it is not the only and the most important thing required to be happy or to lead a fulfilling life.

2. Can money bring happiness?

Yes, to an extent money brings happiness, in the form of reducing our worries and stresses of paying our bills and meeting our basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter. However, when money is given more importance than relations and feelings, it brings more stress, worries, and unhappiness.

3. Why people earn money

People earn money so that they can lead a comfortable life and/or to meet the needs of their family, like providing the best of education or healthcare to their children.

4. Which type of happiness people earn from relationships and money

The happiness earned from having good relations with the family is long lasting and more fulfilling/satisfying/gratifying. Money can bring happiness, when it is not made the top most priority in life. It should only be earned to facilitate a more comfortable and happy life, which only possible when we are on good terms with the people around us.


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