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Talk about an equipment that was broken and you got repaired (or which had a problem)

You should say:

  • a. What the equipment was
  • b. What was the problem
  • c. When and how you got it repaired
  • d. How you felt about it


● With the rapid growth in the number of technological appliances we use everyday, there are lot of instances when something fails and we have to get it repaired.

● Today, I would like to talk about my Apple laptop, which got damaged recently and I got it repaired from IT market in Delhi

● What happened was that I was working on an assignment late night and I was using the laptop while lying on the bed.

● I didn’t realise when I fell asleep and when I got up in the morning I saw my laptop lying on the floor, probably it fell down when I was sleeping.

● I immediately picked it up, only to realise that there was a huge crack in the screen of the laptop.

● I tried to turn it on but it was not working.

● I felt really bad at that time and was scared to tell my family about it.

● So I decided to consult my friend and he told me to visit the nearest Apple store to figure out the damage.

● I reached there immediately and the technician told me that the display had broken and needs to be replaced.

● He told me the cost of screen replacement would be 40,000 Rs

● I was shocked to hear such a huge repair cost as I had already spent a hefty amount on the laptop

● So I came back home disappointed.

● Suddenly, it came to my mind that one of my other friend, who was in Delhi, had also faced the same problem.

● So, I called him and explained the situation to him.

● He told me that I can get it repaired from IT market in Delhi for just 5000 Rs and

the technician will replace my screen with a used one.

● After that, I decided to tell my family about it. Initially, they felt sad like me but

then they suggested me to be careful about how I handle electronic gadgets in

future and gave the money for repair.

● Finally, I went to Delhi and got it repaired. The technician changed the display

and luckily the used display looked like a new one and I was able to use my

laptop again.

● Nowadays I am very careful about how I use the electronic equipments, I guess, I

learnt the lesson, the hard way.

Part 3 – Follow Up Questions

1. What are the common home appliances that people use these days?

There are multiple appliances that people use at home today like vacuum cleaner, microwave ovens, washing machine etc. These appliances help in automating a lot of manual work and thus reduce human effort and time, making our life more comfortable.

2. Do you think modern technology makes people lazier?

Yes, I think modern technology is making people lazier because people have become dependant on the machines and technology for every little task. People use cars instead of walking to nearby places, and play video games and watch television instead of doing physical exercise

3. What can people do to protect their equipment from technical problems?

People should protect their equipment from dust and get it serviced regularly to avoid any technical glitches. They should also read the instructions carefully before using the equipment.

4. When an electronic item of yours does not work, would you repair it or buy a new one?

I would try to get it repaired first because repair would probably cost me less money as compared to buying a new one.

5. Are you good at handling problems on your own?

Well it depends on the type of problem but still if it is a small problem, i initially try to solve or handle it on my own but if I don’t have expertise in solving that problem, I like to take it to an expert who can solve it for me quickly and efficiently.


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