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[Updated] IELTS Cue Card September to December 2021


 IELTS Cue Card is a guess work of topics which would ask from September to December 2021.

September to December IELTS CUE CARD LIST

1Talk about an interesting conversation
2Describe a film you would like to share with your friends
3Describe a place where you read and write, apart from your home
4Talk about a new public building/place, which you would like to visit
5Describe a school you went to in your childhood
6Describe a product or application, which is based on Artificial Intelligence
7A software that you use often.
8A female leader you would like to meet
9Talk about something that you borrowed from your friend
10Talk about a toy you liked in your childhood
11An important decision you made with help of someone
12Describe a long car journey you went on
13Describe a person who likes to travel by plane
14Describe a person whose job is important to the society
15When was the first time you admired the sky
16A park you visited and liked
17A Leisure activity that you do with your family
18Describe a place full of colour
19Describe an important technological product you bought
20Describe a time you spent a lot of money on something
21Describe a city you once visited with your family
22Describe a new skill you want to learn
23Describe an experience when you were with people and you got bored
24Describe a product made in the region you come from or a popular product from your hometown
25Talk about a celebration organized after an achievement
26Talk about a time when you visited a friend
27Describe an advice you received on your subjects or work
28Describe a time when you first met someone
29Describe an experience when you taught an older person something new
30Describe a special day that made you happy
31Describe a free day when you did not need to study or work
32Describe a good experience of online shopping
33Describe a picture or photograph in your home
34Talk about a gift for which you spent long time to choose
35Talk about a leisure activity you did with your family (PAST) or like to do with your family
36Describe an advertisement that you remember
37Describe an occasion when the vehicle you were traveling in broke down
38Talk about a singer or musical band (favourite singer/musical band) you enjoy listening to
39Describe a water sport that you would like to try in the future
40Describe an occasion when you got up extremely early
41Talk about a prize you want to win
42Talk about a time when you gave advice to someone
43Describe a time you solved a problem through the Internet
44A person you think has interesting ideas and opinions
45Describe a practical skill you learned
46Describe a person who speaks foreign language well
47Talk about a historical building or Describe a historical building you have been to
48Describe a person who helps others in his or her spare time
49Describe a time you visited a place with friends
50Describe an unusual vacation you had
51Describe your favorite clothes
52Talk about a game show or quiz programme you watched on Television or online
53Describe a time when you invited someone to have dinner at home or a restaurant
54Describe a time that children made you laugh
55Describe a time when you heard a stranger talking over the phone
56Describe an experience when you received a call from a stranger at a public place
57Describe an occasion when you received incorrect information
58Describe a time when you were cheated
59A person you would like to study or work with

This is a predicted list of cue cards IELTS speaking September to December 2021 cue cards list. We will regularly update the list so you can subscribe to our Facebook for more updates.


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