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Topic: Why go to university ?

Topic 1

I strongly believe that everyone should attend university. Entering university is at the same time a so much promising step into a world of opportunities as long as it is accompanied by a strong will and desire for distinction. The quality and diversity of opportunities and the spread spectrum of choices higher education can provide us is the core motive for everyone intending to attend university. I will try to examine below the specific reasons for entering university according to which I think are the most common viewpoints nowadays.

First let us look at what a person can typically gain from a successfully study at a university. It is a diploma and/or a degree. This is by default leading to a more distinct, respected, well-paid profession. Nowadays unemployment crisis is troubling not only the poor countries but the developed western countries as well, so that the ease of finding a job may play an important role in the decisions people are making.

Another important reason is that people want to get more education. University provides a higher level of education and has all these resources and facilities for people who crave knowledge. Learning is the key to everything that we want to improve. So, higher education helps us widen our understanding and increase our intellectual ability.

Apart from the points I made above there is also a well known fashion all over the world that is called career preparation. Many people attend university in order to seek either a career in science and technology or a career in business. It is believed that the ideas, opportunities, qualifications, in-depth knowledge and expertise in science areas often make attending university imperative. Many times a four-year study at a university may only be the beginning of a sequence of moves someone can make in order to accomplish what he thinks best for his career.

Finally, I cannot oversee the fact that many times studying at a university also means living in a city far from home. New responsibilities always appear but they do not become serious drawbacks. In contrast, the new sense of freedom and independence a young man can experience or thinks he will is thought of as something of great importance. One thing is for sure though, there is chance for everyone in the community of a university to meet people, make new friends and know individuals of great importance.

Last but not least I wish to say that the purpose of university is to harvest knowledge and to being educated, so it is obvious that everyone can find a reason for attending university.

Topic 2

University is no longer a fresh word to people nowadays. Since the beginning of this century, more and more youngsters choose to enter university after they have completed the study in high schools rather than to join the army or become an apprentice. Therefore, it is kind of interesting to find out the reason behind.

First of all, students can only learn fundamental knowledge during high school while they are able to focus on their own interested majors in universities. This period is the key to knowledge accumulation, which will contribute a lot to the future of an individual. Moreover, university is no doubt the symbol of high education. It offers more than pure knowledge. A degree from a university gives people certain identity that makes them stand out among their competitors. It can be seen from the fact that most international companies will only hire those who have at least a Bachelor’s degree in China.

But, as far as I know, sincere dreams might also be the reason for university or college. For instance, in the 60s and 70s, people in China experienced hard times. Many of them had to give up advanced education and take up the burdens of life at their early age. Now, as they became parents or even grandparents, their dream for university education had no doubt realized by their younger family members. Those young people, as reported, often study very hard in order to fulfill the expectations of two generations.

There is no doubt that university can be the turning point of one’s future, because higher education will provide people with not only knowledge prepared for their careers, but also the fulfillment of their life goals. Meanwhile, the society has improved its strength to sponsor higher education. Compared with the past, people now attend universities also because they are able to secure various scholarships and supports from different channels. A very good example is that many Chinese students are now studying in the U. S. Their incentive for application should be attributed to not only to their own performance but also the comprehensive education frameworks in the U. S.

Broadly speaking, people who study in universities have their hopes: to fulfill themselves. At the same time, our society generously provides such an environment for people to achieve such goals. Therefore, when we see more and more fresh smiles on the campus of universities, let us just wish them a promising future.

Topic 3

People attend college for various reasons. Some people consider college as a challenge and others take it as a new experience. In my opinion, I think that people attend college to increase knowledge, meet new people and develop a career. Studying at a college can benefit a person greatly since it augments a person’s knowledge, aids in developing a career and gives a chance to meet new people of different backgrounds.

Knowledge is such a powerful tool that possessing it can diminish nearly all life problems. A college or a university is the place where one can gain knowledge and become valuable to the society. An individual can acquire knowledge about a wide variety of subjects. When my brother was in college, he learned about bacteria and viruses. He had learned that at high school a little bit, but in college he studied it in depth. In addition, he also learned how deal with life problems in college.

Developing a career is a very important stage in our life. Most students, after graduating from high schools, go to colleges or universities to be trained and educated. Some major in various subjects while others go for professional degrees. Universities help students in achieving their goals by preparing them for the career they have picked. If I go to a medical school, I know that the school will prepare me well enough for me to become a successful medical doctor.

Interacting with new people is always a challenge. A university is a place where people from different backgrounds get opportunities to interact with each other. Information about different cultures, different life styles and certain types of food is shared among students. My father used to study at a university, and he told me about all the different cultural backgrounds of the students there.

A college or a university is the place where dreams can be fulfilled. The subjects such as how to deal with life, how to interact with people and how to become independent are taught and experienced there. A college or a university makes an individual complete and help him/her to lead a successful life.

Topic 4

A university degree often helps a person achieve his goal with more ease. However, do we attend university just in pursuit of a degree? Does a university only provide us nothing beneficial besides a paper-made diploma? As far as I am concerned, we enjoy university education in the following aspects:

Firstly, with the knowledge learned at a university, we will have a deep understanding of our society. It is true that genuine knowledge comes from practice, but it cannot be denied that genuine knowledge tells us how to practice. A systematic study in a college or a university, of course, enables us to realize how the society works and how to cope with certain problems arising from it in a more efficiently, and more skillful way.

Second, a university education usually makes it possible that we get hold of a decent job. As a result of the accomplishment of a four-year study, it is not difficult for us to find a good job in most cases. How can we imagine that a graduate majoring in astronomy has to be a vendor in the street! No doubt, he/she should sit in his/her laboratory, doing research on aircraft science before a computer. Obviously, a university education assures him/her a decent job.

Last, but not the least, we can help others much better if we put what we have learned at a university into practice. A university education fortifies our values, enhance our skills, and broaden our horizons. With those, we are more capable of giving a hand to those who are in need of help than ever before.

Knowledge is power. When achieving a degree at a university, we can get a better understanding of the society, find a decent job in an easy way, and help others better. All of those are due to the knowledge learned at a university.


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