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Writing Task 2: Many shopping malls have been built in different countries all over the world

Writing Task 2

Many shopping malls have been built in different countries all over the world. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this for the local people?

Sample Answer

In the contemporary epoch, there is irrefutable debate among folk about window shopping in contrast to the past. While it is possible to petition that owing to numerous upsides such as a wide range of products for consumers and accessibility. My perspective is that merits outweigh the demerits. In this essay, I am going to examine both edges in the forthcoming paragraphs.

To begin with, There is copious folk who argue that the benefits of Shopping Malls considerably outweigh their disadvantages. The most preponderant is that beyond doubt numerous varieties of items for instance, Presently customers prefer to acquire the basic products from a shop. In addition to this, there are numerous other benefits in various fields. Thanks to the wide range of advantages it offers, not only does one benefit more when it comes to being effective, but they can enhance productivity and quality of their lives, with much ease, efficacy, and convenience. Needless to say, all these merits stand out in good stead, as far as augmenting the chances of prosperity and excellence is concerned.

On the other hand, Another pivotal factor in the aforementioned proposition is that it is only likely to help one thrive and excel in varied areas. Besides, when only one follows a system, can they broaden their horizons, hence learning these attributes as dedication and perseverance. as a result, it is apparent why myriad is not in the patronage of shopping malls. to cite an example, small retailers and markets gradually vanish. thus, the downsides of the stated topic are not undeniable.

In the nutshell, according to the forenamed quarrels. Although there are some non-negligible negative impacts of massive departmental stores. however, the festivity or fruitful advantages it beholds in it far outweigh the ill effects.

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