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IELTS Speaking: Essential Words Part 2

IELTS Speaking: Essential Words Part 2

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IELTS Speaking Essential Words Part 1

1. Exposed to – contact with
To prevent children and teenagers from being exposed to content they shouldn’t be exposed to, parents should do something.

2. Expiry date – the date on which something comes to an end, can no longer be used
Every time I make sure that I look at the expiry date of any product I buy.

3. More automated and less manual – Operated by machines or computers in order to reduce the work done by humans
• Each of those type of equipment made our life more easier, like, more automated and less manual

4. An addict – a person who cannot stop doing or using something, especially something harmful:
As a social media addict, I can use my phone for more than 7 or 8 hours a day, which is absolutely unhealthy.

5. Be in harmony with nature – a situation in which people enjoy spending time in nature.
I like to sit down and be in harmony with nature with all the trees and flowers.

6. Complex – A large building or a group of buildings
• I live in an apartment complex.
A residential complex, a sports complex, a shopping complex

7. Prior experience – existing or happening before something else.
• it was really difficult for me without any prior experience/knowledge.

8. Convenience – a quality or situation that makes something easy or useful for someone by reducing the amount of work or time
• I like the convenience of living close to work.

9. Against their will – although they don’t want to
• It would be against their will, I suppose.

10. Interior design – designing or decorating the inside of a house
• I don’t think mirrors would be a crucial part of the interior design of my house

IELTS Speaking: Essential Words Part 1

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