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IELTS Speaking: Essential Words Part 4

IELTS Speaking: Essential Words Part 4

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1. Commercial breaks – the time when advertisements are broadcast during a television or radio programme
• There is usually a commercial break when the movie gets really interesting.

2. Too good to be true – so good in a way that is difficult to believe
• Personally I don’t like advertisements which sound too good to be true

3. Media hype – advertisements and discussion in the media telling the public about a product and about how good or important it is
• Now there are too many promotional activities and media hype out there, and it seems to me that most of them are not reliable.

4. Manipulate – to control or influence somebody/something, often in a dishonest way.
I got manipulated multiple times, just last year I bought a watch for 60 dollars because of how good the ad was.

5. Pop up –appear or happen quickly/unexpectedly
• A lot of unnecessary advertisements pop up when I’m browsing the net.

6. Automated – Carried out by machines or computers without needing human control
• Most jobs which require force, physical effort will be computerised and automated in the future, I guess.

7. High-tech – using the most advanced and developed machines and methods.
I imagine a lot of houses will have high-tech facilities

8. Futuristic – relating to the future, or very modern or advanced
• I also expect that a lot of houses will have futuristic designs

9. Artificial intelligence
I do believe AI will have a huge influence on employment in the future

10. Censor – to remove parts of books, films, letters etc that are considered unsuitable for moral, religious, or political reasons
The book was heavily censored when first published.

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