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[Intro Question] Computer – Shopping -Sports


1. Do you use computer very much?

Yes, I use computers a lot. I have a laptop I use for my studies, to stay connected to my friends and relatives living far away, to research on various topics, for entertainment I watch movies and play games.

2. When do you use a computer?

I use the computer everyday at home, usually in the evenings and after dinner. I use it to research for my assignments and to check my emails, check Facebook updates and post messages and sometimes I use it to watch movies or play games.

3. What do you use computer for?

I use it to research for my assignments and to check my emails, check Facebook updates and post messages and sometimes I use it to watch movies or play games.

4. What was your impression when you used a computer the first time?

I remember the day when I used the computer the first time. I was in class 6 at that time. I vividly remember how fascinated I was with the computer.

5. How did you learn to use a computer?

I learned to use a computer through school lessons. Later I got my own personal desktop at home and I learned a little more by using it more at home. Now I have a laptop that I use regularly.

6. Have computers changed your life in anyway (if yes, How?)?

Yes, definitely. Computers have changed my life. I am well connected with all my friends and relatives, irrespective of which part of the world they are in. It has made the research work for my assignments very convenient. I think it’s a very good source of entertainment and with the Internet it is a boon for the humankind. Many everyday tasks can be done in a matter of a few clicks and in a few seconds, be it banking, shopping, etc.

7. Are computers used much in your country?

Yes, the use of computers has increased greatly in my country. It is a common household electronic equipment and almost all the workplaces make use of a computer, like in a grocery store, bank, coffee shop, school, post office, etc.

8. Do you think computer are useful in everyday life (how)?

Yes, computers are very useful in everyday life. We can pay our bills, book tickets, shop for anything, set reminders, connect with relatives and friends, research, entertain ourselves, create new things and do umpteen other things by using a computer.

9. Computers are now used a lot in education. What do you think of this?

I think it is the need of the day to make use of computers in education. It not only makes the lessons more interesting, it also helps make the children more techno­savvy, as technology is used in almost all fields.

10. Do you play computer games?

Yes, sometimes I play word games, puzzles or card games on my computer.

11.Do you think computers are perfect now or do they still need to be improved?

I think the computers technology, in terms of both hardware and software keeps changing and there is always something new that needs to be added as time passes. So, in the future I can foresee a lot of changes and improvements that are made to the computers.


1.Are you interested in sport?

Yes, I am interested in sports. I like watching cricket and hockey on TV. Sometimes I play badminton with my brother, on the terrace of our house.

2.(Similar to above) Do you like sport?

3.What sports do you like? (Why?)

I like cricket, hockey, badminton and many other sports. I like watching these on TV. But I play only badminton.

4.Do most people in your country like sport?

Yes most people in my country like sport. Cricket is the most popular sport. People also like hockey and football.

5.(Similar to above) What sports do people in your country like to play?

 People like to play all types of sports, but cricket is the most popular sport.

6.What benefits do you think sport can bring us?

Playing sport and bring us many benefits. By playing competitive sports, we learn competition, and by paying team sports we learn cooperation.


1.Do you like (going) shopping? (Why?/Why not?)

Yes, I love going shopping. I love doing window shopping. I come to know about the latest trends on fashions going on. I feel like buying so many things, but I’m not earning yet, and so my pocket doesn’t allow me to buy everything.

2.What do you think is the most difficult (or, unpleasant) part about shopping?

The most difficult part about shopping for me is selecting things. The markets today are flooded with choices. I find it very confusing. I also don’t like to go to the shops, which are not fixed price shops. I hate bargaining.

3.Is there anything you don’t like (or, dislike) about shopping?

I don’t like bargaining. That is why I generally go to fixed­price shops.

4.What don’t you like about shopping?

5.Do you prefer shopping alone or with others?

I do not like to go shopping alone. The market is flooded with choices, and I find it very confusing to select things on my own.

6.Who do you (usually) go shopping with?

I usually go shopping with my mother. Sometimes I go with my friends.

7.Do you prefer to go shopping with family members or with friends?

It depends on what I have to buy. If I have to buy costly things then I like to go with my family, but for stationery items and other small things I go with friends.

8.What do you usually buy when you go shopping?

I buy clothes, shoes, cosmetics, stationery items and many other such things when I go shopping. Sometimes I go with my mother to do the grocery and buy vegetables.


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