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[Intro Question] History – Magazine -Internet


1. Do you like (to learn about) history?

Yes, I like to learn about history. It is through history we come to know about the important events that gave way or shaped the way to progress or changes in any country. Also, history teaches us important lessons and we can learn from the achievements or mistakes of our ancestors. Everything in this world has its history. It’s through that we value what we have today. For example, we value our independence today because of the knowledge of the independence struggle.

2. What historical event do you find most interesting?

The historical event I find the most interesting is the day India became an independent nation, on 15 th August 1947.

3. Do you think history is important?

Yes, I think history is very important. We can learn a lot from history. We come to know about the way of life, culture and traditions of the past times. We can come to know about the important historical events that paved way for progress and development, like the Industrial revolution. We can get motivation by learning about the achievements of some people and we can also learn from the mistakes of our ancestors.

4. Do you like to watch programmes on TV about history?

Yes I like to watch programmes on TV about history. In fact, the History channel is one of my favourite TV channels. It has some great shows about history of different parts of the world.

5. Do you think you can really learn history from films and TV programmes?

Yes, definitely. TV programs and films make learning about history interesting and easy. Reading about history may become very boring after a while. Children also learn history better if an audiovisual medium is used.

6. Do you think the Internet is a good place to learn about history?

Yes, Internet is a good way to learn about history. It is a vast source of knowledge. We can search about any topic related to history and get all the information we need. There are also videos, documentaries, podcasts, e­books etc. also available on the Internet.

7. Can you name a person from history whom you would like to learn more about?

I would like to learn more about martyr Bhagat Singh, who was a freedom fighter in the struggle for Independent India.

8. Why would you like to learn more about him/her?

I would like to learn more about him because he is a motivation for the youth of today. I do not know much about him, but I know that his role in India’s freedom struggle was integral and the British rulers hanged him at a very young age of 23 for the assassination of a British police officer.


1. Do you read magazines?

Yes, I read magazines. Reader’s Digest is the one I usually read.

2. Who prefers to read magazines – younger or older people?

I think it is a matter of personal choice and is not related to age.

3. Have you ever read online magazines?

Yes, I have read online magazines. But I prefer traditional printed magazines to online ones.

4. Did you read magazines when you were young?

No, I didn’t read magazines, but I read comic books and other children’s books when I was young. I started reading magazines in my late teenage years.


1. Do you use internet (very much)?

Yes, I use the internet a lot, especially for research for my studies. I also use the internet for chatting with my friends, watching movies and playing games.

2. When was the first time you used the internet?

The first time I used the internet was when I was in around 10­11 years old. We got a computer and an internet connection set up at our home.

3. Is the internet very important (or useful) to you?

Yes, the internet is very important/useful for me. I mostly use it for research purposes for my studies. It also helps me stay connected with my friends.

4. Do you think you can (or could) live without the internet?

It is very hard to imagine a life without the internet. The communication and connectivity we have now because of the internet will suffer greatly. I would feel alienated/cut off from the world without the internet.


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