[PDF] IELTS UP writing task 2 the perfect book


The perfect book for a score of 6 or higher while improving your speaking and vocabulary.


The purpose of IELTS UP is writing skills and ideas designed for people who wish to receive a score of 6.0-7.0 or higher for Task 2 of IELTS Academic and General exam. This book strives to reach your desired score by giving you the ideas and vocabulary for current topics. I have many years of experience successfully developing learners for the IELTS exam and many more years as a writing examiner. The layout of this book has been used with countless students with great success. This book can be used in the classroom with a teacher or as a self-study manual.


Task 2 is similar to putting a jigsaw puzzle together. The exam question gives a tiny picture of what you must make. The puzzle pieces are in your mind somewhere, but you only have 40 minutes to find them and put them together.If you have ever built a jigsaw puzzle, you know how essential the corner and edge pieces are.

This innovative book, unlike any other, gives you the corner and edge pieces (ideas) that match with all current exam questions. No other book does this!
Having good ideas for topics is necessary to achieve 7 or higher on your IELTS writing.

This book will:

  • Give 5 to 10 minutes more time to do Task 2.
  • Give you added ideas to improve your score by writing more.
  • Give you great ideas to make your Task 2 look better.
  • Give you more vocabulary and grammar.

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